Breanna and Michael

Image 1 of Breanna and MichaelWhen I met my best friend out freshman year in college, we discovered that we were actually from the same hometown. While we were home for the summer after that first year, she invited me to a college bible study at her church where I was bombarded with tons of new names and faces. In the midst of a circle of introductions, I caught a face out of the corner of my eye all the way across the church lobby. I leaned over to Bri and asked who that guy over there was. She told me his name, to which I replied, “Ya, I need to meet him.” After that night, he and I both went on international trips but once we got back to the states, it only took one great first date to make us inseparable.

how they asked: I don’t think Michael realized just how great of a set up he had made for our future proposal on our first date. On that date, he took me to walk around a park in Fort Worth and had written out a list of ten get-to-know-you questions. Some were silly, like, “what is your favorite color?” While others were a little more serious, like, “what’s your favorite book of the bible and why?” When it came time to ask the most important question one and a half years later, it seemed only fitting to take us back to where it all started. He took me on a date just like any other date to a movie, to make sure I had no clue of his plans. When he told me he wanted to take us back to that same park before dinner, I knew something was fishy since we hadn’t been to that park since our first date and it was COLD that day too. When we arrived and started walking, M told me he had ten questions to ask me once again (while unbeknownst to me our families are at the other end of the park setting up the magic spot). He asked beautiful questions like, “what are the values your parents have taught you that you want to teach our children”, and “what are the ways I show my love for you best?”

By now I know exactly what is happening, which means I’m a jittery mess and can barely even answer the questions! As we reached the end, we turned a corner of bushes to find the decorated swing, and the tears are in full force from the two of us as Michael begins to tell me all the reasons why I’m beautiful to him. “So because of that, I have just one last question to ask you…” and he pulls out the ring and drops to one knee. I’m not even sure I remember hearing the whole question because I was so overcome with excitement that I may have blacked out! I just nodded and choked out, “Yes! Yes!” so he would hurry and get up so I could kiss him.

Image 2 of Breanna and Michael

Icing on the cake? All my best friends from college were there to surprise me! It was the most special day from the most amazing man that both exceeded my wildest dreams.

Image 3 of Breanna and Michael