Breanna and Matt

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How We Met

I met Matt July 28, 2011, it was the summer going into my senior year of high school. My older brother was back from college for the summer and had a birthday party for all his friends, including some who were from college. I first saw Matt when I walked in the kitchen with my best friend; we both couldn’t stop giggling and staring at him because he was SO handsome and kind! When they left to play volleyball outside we watched them play and both jokingly called “dibs” on him. Although I thought about him often, I didn’t think much about it and certainly didn’t think he was thinking of me. A few weeks later my family was at my lake house playing games when guess who walked in the door? Matt! I didn’t know my brother had invited him to come but I was so excited to get to see him again. Over the next few months my crush grew as we hungout at the cabin, went to movies, concerts, and went to the fair in groups with my brother and his girlfriend. Matt went back to college and I started my senior year of highschool, so once again I was shocked when he started calling me just to talk and ask about my day. One weekend Matt came back to hangout with me for a day and just moments after he walked out the door to head back to school, he ran back in, grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss on my cheek. We rang in New Years Eve in Downtown Seattle, and I was overwhelmed with excitement when he once again kissed my cheek; he was always so sweet and thoughtful, yet for some reason I couldn’t believe he was into me and was in complete denial that he was pursuing me. That April I drove up to Bellingham to visit my brothers and look at the school and that night Matt took me to dinner, and to my complete joy and surprise he asked me to be his girlfriend! Over the years Matt has truly become my best friend. Every memory we have made together competes for my favorite memory. He came to my high school Prom although he was almost done with college, wrote to me everyday for the two months he was gone in Spain when we first started dating, constantly surprises me with flowers and thoughtful dates, and even moved back to Bellingham for my senior year of college to be together after two years of long distance. To this day, after dating over four and a half years, there isn’t a day that he doesn’t open my car door for me or tell me he loves me. I am truly the luckiest woman in the world

how they asked

Early into the last week of October Matt called me to tell me he forgot to ask me to come to his work dinner that Friday; I was upset because I was scheduled for work, but didn’t think much of it because I have missed his work dinners before. But later that week my manager told a few of us that we could have different days off because she over scheduled, so I called Matt and told his I was free Friday for dinner. (I later learned Matt had called her and asked if I could get off work that day, and that there really was no work dinner.)

Thursday night he seemed preoccupied with what he was supposed to wear to this work dinner and insisted we go shopping to buy his new jeans and a shirt, and even polished his shoes. Matt picked me up for dinner that was in Seattle, but when I got in his car he said the dinner was pushed back an hour because of traffic. He asked if I wanted to drive down to Edmonds and walk around for a bit, which is where we spend a lot of time together going out to eat and walking the beach. We also first talked about being boyfriend and girlfriend, and had our first kiss there. The drive to Edmonds was nothing different than normal, we talked, laughed, played music and sang to each other, enjoying simple time together. When we got to Edmonds he opened my door and took my hand and we started to walk the boardwalk.

It was perfect; the rain had stopped and the sky cleared up as we walked hand in hand to the end of the pier. When we got to the end Matt took both my hands and turned to me, and began telling me that he has loved me for so long and that he wanted to spend forever with me as his wife. When he got down on his knee and pulled out the little box my heart jumped a million times. I don’t remember much more of what he said or how I replied, but I gave my man a big kiss and said YES! I didn’t even look at the ring until he asked to put it on my finger. I looked down at the most STUNNING ring I’ve ever seen.

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Matt told me to look up and I saw my brother and his wife with a camera taking pictures of us, and soon after both our parents came down the pier with balloons to congratulate us. We were all laughing and excited, I couldn’t believe they had known and Matt had planned for these special people to celebrate with us. Matt suggested we go eat at our favorite restaurant that was a short walk from the beach, and insisted we relax for a while before calling friends and family. When we walked in the restaurant both of our families and closest friends were all gathered around a huge table cheering and waiting for us! On the most special day of our lives Matt put so much time and thoughtful intention into making it so special and memorable, once again confirming in my mind that I am lucky to have him as my best friend and future HUSBAND!!

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