Breanna and Kyle

How we met

Kyle and I met when we were 18 and 19 as coworkers at Sports Authority. He actually asked me out within a few weeks of working together but I was dating someone else at the time and turned him down! We got to know each other as friends for two years before the time was right.

how they asked

Kyle proposed on New Years Eve at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta! It was our five year anniversary and we hadn’t been to the botanical gardens before so we decided to make dinner reservations at the garden and explore the lights beforehand. We made it all the way through the gardens but it wasn’t quite time for our dinner reservation yet and we went back to the Earth goddess sculpture where there were some benches. We sat down and he talked about how he had this five year plan and knew he wanted to marry me and then got down on his knee! I was very surprised, but sneaky Kyle has been planning this for months! We had gone back home to Minnesota for my best friend’s wedding a few months prior in September and that was when he asked my parents for their permission and told them his plan.

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