Breanna and Joseph

Proposal Ideas Palace of Versailles- France

How We Met

Joseph and I meet during a happy hour, one Friday after work. The popular Chicago hangout was very crowded that day. I was meeting up with a friend of mine from high school and when I got there Joseph was at our table. We can to realize his cousin was dating my friend from high school. Him and I sat around the table and talked that Friday evening, even exchanged Instagram names. After departing I thought he must not have been interested, even though I was, because he never asked me for my number. After months of continuously liking and commenting on each others photos on Instagram, he finally sent me a message. He asked me would be interested in grabbing drinks soon. I responded with my telephone number and a few weeks later we went on our first date and have been inseparable since.

Breanna's Proposal in Palace of Versailles- France

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Palace of Versailles- France

how they asked

Joseph was to be going to Rome for two weeks, during the summer break, for study abroad program as he attends Loyola of Chicago Law School. I agreed to come, visit during the last 3 days of his trip to Rome. As we previously visited France and the UK the year before, and our parents really wanted to join on that trip but couldn’t, we decided to try the idea of the family trip again since we were already going to be in Europe. Joseph and I enjoyed 3 days in Rome, and our parents meet us in Paris, France. During our stay in Paris, on our last full day, we scheduled a tour of the Palace of Versailles. Joseph and I had visited the palace the year before and fell in love with its beauty.

The guided tour took us through the beautiful rooms of the palace. After, we were given free time to explore the massive gardens of Versailles. Joseph found a spot we didn’t get to explore the last time we visited. The background of the palace behind us, the beautiful greenery, and flowers popped and I awed at the palace as though it was my first time seeing it. Joseph asked me to take a picture with him because he said the palace was perfectly behind us. As we posed for the picture, and our families looked on with their cameras in hand, Joseph got down on one knee with a ring box in hand. He asked me to be his wife, and I said yes!