Breanna and Jeffrey

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cleveland, Ohio

How We Met

Jeffrey and I met at church. I was actually dating someone else when we first met and he had a crush on me, but he was gentleman enough to not interfere. Years passed and that relationship had ended and Jeffrey and I began to hang out. Before I knew it, I was head-over-heels for him and we began dating.

how they asked

Jeffrey and I had been dating for a month shy of 2 years. His dad lived in Cleveland, so we planned a trip to go visit for the weekend in the summer. We went to the coast guard dock to take pictures. Little did I know that he, his dad, and step mom were all in on the plan. We were taking pictures and he suggested we do the 007/Charlie’s angels-like pose (back to back). While my back was turned, he had gotten the ring out of his pocket and posed with it. When I turned around, he was on one knee, a tear streaming down his face, and a ring in hand. It was without a doubt the happiest moment of my life and will remain that way until our wedding day.

Breanna and Jeffrey's Engagement in Cleveland, Ohio