BreAnna and Dustin

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How We Met

I met Dustin during my freshman year of college. I sat at a table with him my first time to eat in the caf at Arkansas Tech University. He was friendly, talkative, and CUTE! He was older then me, so I didn’t even try to flirt- I would later find out that he spotted me from across the room and made sure he found a seat next to me. The next day, I went to orientation. Dustin was one of the leaders in my large group (Orientation is student led at ATU) I ran into him again at the involvement fair, where he was working the booth for his fraternity. Every where I went I saw him: on the way to class, during my lunch hour, any campus event. Although I pushed him away for a while, we went on our first date in October 2013 and quickly learned we were made for each other. He graduated in 2015 from Arkansas Tech, and asked me to move in with him while I finished school. This man is loving, selfless, and always willing to listen. I am so lucky he picked me to be his forever!

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how they asked

Fast forward 4 years to May 2017. It was time for me to graduate college. We had always planned to move to Fayetteville, Arkansas when I was done with school (this is where Dustin grew up). He got the perfect job opportunity in April, so he moved home and I stayed in Conway to finish up my degree. Finally, May 6 arrived- GRADUATION DAY! My friends and family came from all over to celebrate my accomplishment before the ceremony. I was told a photographer was coming to capture my big day, and some special moments with my family. I thought nothing of it. As I am getting my photo taken in my cap and gown, Dustin tells me he has a really awesome gift for me (seriously I still have no idea whats about to happen) He pulls a big round box from the gift bag he was holding, and it looks nothing like an engagement ring box. Then, I watch him slowly go down to one knee, and I was in shock. I had been waiting for this moment for so long! My hands covered my mouth, and I could feel the happy tears streaming down my face. The best guy I know just asked my to be his wife, and I could barley choke out the words “of course” because I still couldn’t believe what was happening. All in one motion he scooped me up and everyone we love cheered. It was my very favorite day.

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