Breanna and Derek

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Washington, DC

How We Met

I knew Derek through a mutual friend. We only met once in college and were dating other people, so that never went anywhere. After college, he started chiropractic school in Minneapolis and I moved to South Korea to teach English for a year through the Fulbright program.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Washington, DC

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Washington, DC

I was coming home for a visit in January, and we were both single. Derek messaged me Merry Christmas over Facebook, and we spent the next month getting to know each other. We went on our first date when I visited in January. It must not have been too awkward because we kept chatting and Skyping while I lived in Korea for the next six months. Derek surprised me at the airport when I came home for good in July. We’ve been together ever since.

Breanna's Proposal in Washington, DC

Breanna and Derek's Engagement in Washington, DC

How They Asked

Backstory: I met my best friend, Tiffany, in South Korea when we’re both teaching through the Fulbright program. In August, Derek and I booked a flight for November to visit Tiff and her husband at their new home in Washington, DC. I’d just finished law school and taken the bar exam, so we thought this would be the perfect fall getaway.

We flew into DC on Thursday night and spent the next two days soaking up the city. On Sunday, we all went for a stroll through the prettiest neighborhoods and gardens. Tiff is a photographer, so the day turned into a mini photoshoot – nothing unusual. As we were admiring the gardens, Derek got down on one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man. I was so shocked. Little did I know, Derek and Tiff had been planning this day for months. Tiff had scoped out the perfect location, and it meant so much that my best friend got to capture our proposal.

Special Thanks

Tiffany Jung
 | Photographer