Breanna and Danny

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How We Met

Danny and I met a year ago via tinder. He actually was living outside of my “radius” at the time but happened to open the app at the airport which put him in my zone. I had a bad day and was enjoying some queso and margs with my sassy gay friend from work. There is no better person to go on tinder with than none other, your sassy gay friend. After a couple of margaritas, and a bunch of swipes left, we came across Danny’s profile and swiped right. It was an immediate match and I slid into his DM’s with the line, “teach me to play golf. I’m for real I have my own clubs.” His profile said he was a golf pro at a country club not far from where I lived so I thought this could be a fun way to meet somebody. We ended up going to dinner when he got back in town and then a couple of days later he started teaching me to play golf.

how they asked

Danny and I knew that we wanted to get married and I told him his requirement when he asked me was to make sure I was surprised. I didn’t want to have any hints nor did I want to be expecting it. I had traveled to Las Vegas for a trade show for work. During the trade show, my bosses and owner of the company kept having these secret meetings with vendors on the top floor of the Delano where the trade show was being held while I toured the show. On the last day, I was on the phone with Danny and was saying how I was going to skip the show and just work downstairs in the lobby. Danny was telling me he was headed to lunch at his favorite restaurant back home and we were figuring out when he needed to pick me up from the airport later. Secretly, Danny was only 20 floors above me getting ready for the best surprise ever. My boss ended up calling me saying I had one more meeting to go to and it was on the top floor in the Sky Fall Lounge. I just was excited to be invited in on a secret meeting that I didn’t think twice about it.

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When we went to get on the elevator, the concierge took us through the service entrance and my boss ended up stepping back and not getting on with us. I figured our owner called and he would meet me up there on the next elevator up. We get to the top floor and I’ve got my laptop in hand ready to talk business. I could see the entire Las Vegas strip and just thought it was such a cool view. I turned the corner and there Danny was in the most handsome navy suit. I was so surprised and said, “what are you doing here, I’ve missed you!” He told me he wanted to surprise me. I was just in shock he was standing in front of me and couldn’t believe he was actually there. In front of all of Las Vegas, he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We stood there for a minute right after and took in the view. As soon as we rode the elevator down, my entire team from work was waiting in the lobby with champagne.

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