Breanna and Caleb

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How We Met

Caleb: We both had not been looking for any relationship but met each other on a Sunday morning (December 4th) when we were scheduled to lead worship for South Bay Church (Now Echo.Church). We spent 11 days straight together, including some all-nighters to go adventuring around San Fransisco around 3 am. After about 2 weeks we became official and have been together for a little over a year!

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how they asked

Breanna: Caleb had told me that his friend from high school was an up-and-coming photographer and wanted to take some photos for her portfolio. Caleb and I had done something like that before, so I was all for it and super excited! When we got to the beach things seemed totally casual. Cat Instructed us that she just wanted us to hang out, have a good time, play in the water and show each just how much we loved one another.

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It was so much fun running on the sand and jumping in the waves. Those waves shots turned out so amazing! It was a really romantic day all around. When the sun started setting Cat said she was going to start heading out and she started packing up her gear when Caleb said we should take one last stroll by the water.

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He held my hand and we walked and to be honest I don’t even remember what he said because the next thing I knew is he was down on one knee and holding a ring out to me! I couldn’t believe it! Of course, I said one big fat YES! and jumped into his arms and he swung me around! Cat, of course, captured the WHOLE thing! It was one amazingly perfect day and I cannot wait to marry the love of my life!!!

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