Breanna and Andrew

Proposal Ideas Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, NY

How They Asked

Every year, Andrew and I along with a group of friends go to the Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, NY. We always look forward to a weekend away with great music and great company at a place we consider our second home, Hunter, NY. This year we were super excited because there was a bunch of bands we wanted to both see, including Brooks and Dunn. Being we buy our tickets around Christmas and the concert is in June, we spend months getting ourselves hyped up and ready for the best 3 days of the year. This year, in particular, was very special because my best friend and brother were coming along, which was something I had bugged them both about for years! The first day of the festival, we all got settled into our normal routing and amped for day 2, as our favorites of the weekend were headlining. As day 2 came, everyone was a bit tired from the day before activities; sitting in the sun on a mountain is no joke! So it came to no surprise that everyone was very quiet most of the day. In fact, Andrew was missing most of the day with friends and it didn’t surprise me. Brooks and Dunn were up next and everyone was so excited- they even knew my favorite song, “My Maria” would get everyone dancing. The setlist started, and Andrew and I were dancing and laughing and carrying on as we always do. As the set went on, I got more and more excited until next up was “My Maria”. My friends all asked “is this it?! Is this your song?!” And I was so excited and ready to dance and be silly. It came as no surprise that they all pulled out their cameras because Andrew and I are known for our dance moves. As we danced, Andrew was spinning me and singing and the next thing I knew, I turned and he was down on one knee with my late mother, Maria, engagement ring waiting for me. I was in complete shock and when I leaned down and saw it was her ring, I knew it was real and jumped in his arms!

Breanna's Proposal in Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, NY

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