Breanna and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met in 2012. I was a senior in high school and he was a freshman at Missouri State, a college that was right by where I grew up. We had a mutual friend, his name was Dean, I went to school with Dean and Alex played baseball with him during the summer. One night we were all out with a group of friends and Alex mentioned to Dean that he saw me and had to meet me. We were briefly introduced and not much happened until a few months later when Alex asked if I would go on a date to a Missouri State basketball game with him. Seeing as I was still in high school and had never even talked to a “college boy” I was extremely nervous. I had devised a plan to have my friend call me at a certain time just in case I needed an escape mechanism to the date with Alex; however, there was definitely no escape needed. We both ended up having a great time and there was no denying we made each other laugh! I would later find out that Alex had told his mom after that first date that he was going to marry me someday.

The following summer we talked a lot. Alex was busy with baseball and I was busy getting ready to head off to college at Kansas State. I think we went on two more dates before I broke the news that we should give it space since I was heading off to college.

A few years later Alex was recruited to play baseball for the University of Oklahoma. Our schools would be playing each other in sports, which meant Alex would be coming to Kansas State to play baseball against my school. I was shocked when I got a text from Alex asking if he could take me to dinner while he was in town. I told my girls he was just an “old friend”. The timing was right in both our lives and we hung out the entire weekend he was in Kansas. It wasn’t until the third night that Alex finally got the courage to kiss me, our first kiss. From that moment I just knew he was going to be so so special to me.

That summer and the year following I found myself doing anything I could to be close to my Oklahoma baseball boy. Multiple trips to OU were arranged, I was driving to see him more than I wasn’t. I felt like no time was enough with him. From there we’ve dated ever since and our lives recently landed us in Chicago.

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how they asked

I’m currently in nursing school in Chicago and on the side, I work with an incredible floral team creating floral for weddings and events. I was told by my boss that Chicago Style Weddings wanted to do a styled shoot for the magazine and that we needed to come to Milton Lee Olive Park to set up the floral eternity ring for the models- oh, and that we should dress cute so we could snag a few staff photos from the photographer.

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So I left class early that day to go home and look “cute” for the staff photos. I met my team there and we quickly started putting together the floral ring for the photo shoot (little did I know this would be the backdrop for my own proposal!) The photographer was already there and we were just waiting on the models to make it to the city to snap these photos.

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While waiting, Lauryn our photographer wanted to snap some headshots. When it was my turn I stepped up to pose for a few of my pictures when I saw Alex approaching. I looked at him confused and asked: “wait, what are you doing here?!” He walked up to me and said “I hate to disappoint but I’m the model tonight” from there I knew what was about to do down and truthfully it was all a beautiful blur! I felt like I was on cloud 9, not only was I shocked but I was in love with every detail of the evening!

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From there we swept me off to dinner where all my family and friends were waiting to celebrate me. Not to mention he had a video made for me where all my friends and relatives that couldn’t make it to Chicago congratulated me and told their stories about Alex and I. It was a total dream, I still have to pinch myself!

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