Breanna and Aleczander

How We Met

So the way we met is a little amusing I’d say. We met back in the summer of 2012. My best friend Stef and I were at a party and she thought she met the one!(aka Alec!) a month went by and we all met again at a party, except this time I got meet and talk with Alec. From that night on I knew he was actually the one for me. He made me the happiest girl in the world that summer and everyday forward. I only knew him for 2 weeks and as the summer was ending him and my best friend we ready to go back to college.

They ended up attending the same college and so what did I do? I went up to Binghamton to stay with my best friend and to get to know Alec better! I couldn’t let him get away :) We have been dating since 12/28/2012. In the past almost 5 years we have faced a lot of challenges. The college scene, jealous ex’s, and 2 years of long distance. I think at this point we can seriously handle anything that life throws at us…and I guess that’s a challenge.

how they asked

So! We are living in Boston but I really wanted to go home to NY for my birthday! A couple of months out from October I told Alec I wanted to go in to NYC to see my brother and my best friend. I also told him it would be nice to have a family dinner and to go out to Montauk.(We absolutely love Montauk and try to go once a year) so fast forward to October…Alec ended up planning a whole birthday weekend for me.

Friday we were going in to NYC, Saturday night birthday dinner with family followed by a 2 night stay on Shelter Island. The week before we headed home Alec texted me and told me that I needed to get an “active dress” for our Saturday activity..I replied with “WTH is an active dress!?!? What are we doing?” Needless to say I did not find an active dress. He wouldn’t tell me what we were going to be doing! All I knew is that we had to leave Astoria by 8am on Saturday. Fast forward to Saturday morning. We get up bright and early and a little bit hungover(it is my birthday weekend after all) we get in the car and he sends me a long text.

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To sum it up, we were going on a scavenger hunt throughout Long Island. We made about 15 stops and most had little hidden note cards that led to the next destination. We traveled from Astoria to Montauk that day. The last stop aaa Montauk on the bluffs overlooking the light house. When we pulled in he told me to wait in the car and that he had to set some stuff up. He came back and got me and walked my blindfolded to the bluff. He told me to uncover my eyes and in front of my was an aisle of sunflowers overlooking the lighthouse.

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Breanna and Aleczander's Engagement in Montauk, NY

He walked me down to the end, got one on knee and asked me to be his wife! For a man that can not plan anything he really our did himself. It was so romantic and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal or husband to be! We will be getting married in Montauk in July 2018 and our ceremony will be in that exact spot where he asked me to marry him. It really can’t get any better.