Breann and Rain

How We Met

We met at work, we were hired within a week of each other so we were the new ones. I’m very talkative and since most people already had their work cliques I went up to him on our break and stared a conversation. That same day during our lunch time I sat with him and just started asking him any and all questions thinkable ( favorite food, music, movie, animal, color, number, hobbies, dislikes, family background etc) it really was amazing just how much conversation can be squeezed into 1 hour. He says now that it was awesome that I did that, but I know he thought I was some crazy American girl being way to nosey. See, he had just moved to the US 3 maybe 4 months prior to meeting me, so he was still adjusting to life here in America. After becoming very close very fast, but on an entirely platonic level (he had a gf back home, I had a bf here) I decided he should try to hang out with my roommate whom I thought was a great match for him. They hung out, never really alone though, I seemed to always be around, it was more like we were the three musketeers. We had parties at our place together we became the best of friends. He was there when Id break up with a bf, and he was there to hear the details of my next fling. I was there to hear about the fights with the girl back home and listen when he needed to vent. My parents knew him I knew his family. One day during a party it all changed, we kissed without thinking about it, one of our good friends saw it and told us that it was about time and everyone had been waiting for us to just become more. It was awkward the next few days acting like nothing happened. We went out that weekend to hang out with friends and when he dropped me off at home he walked me to the door and we kissed again I went inside and texted him “Rain, I Love You.” Feeling stupid and wishing I could take it all back, thinking, he has someone. YOU HAVE SOMEONE. Not even 2 seconds passed by and I received a message saying, “I Love You.” I joked telling him he didn’t have to say it just because i did already. He claims to this day he hadn’t received my message when he also told me that he loved me, he says we felt what we felt at the exact same time. Later that week we agreed to let our significant others go so we could start dating, but we kept it to ourselves for a few weeks just to bask in the new relationship that took almost 2 years to form.

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how they asked

He asked on a beach at night, surrounded by his family and friends in the Philippines. We went out to the Philippines for a vacation so I could meet his family who is all still there. We had been having such a busy few days traveling everywhere very little rest. We all stayed at a beach house for 2 nights together and the 2nd night before dinner I was pooped out so I went to take a nap. Rain woke me up to go eat dinner and explained that after dinner we were gonna go out on the beach and play a game him and his family used to play whenever going to the beach as a little kid. I knew what he was talking about because months before the trip he had told me about this game. We all made our way out to the beach and got ready. His friend brought his guitar and would be playing the music for this game. The game was simple, one person is “it” and has to stand in the middle blind folded spinning and dancing while everyone is in a circle around you moving around to the music. Once the music stops you point at someone and say their name, if you’re right your out, if you’re wrong you have to dance in the circle while everyone watches like a lunatic. After a few people were it I got picked to be in the middle, music played we danced, I picked Rains father, I got him right so I took of my blind fold and he (rains father) was looking at me saying “RJ” ( that’s rains nickname) I said “NO, YOU”. He says “RJ”. I again say “NO, YOU” he turns me around and the people move and there was Rain standing in a heart made with candles, crying. His best-friend starts a little tune on his guitar and Rain starts singing a song he wrote special for me and that moment. In the song hes asking me to be his wife, and telling me he will love me to infinity and beyond, which is our little thing we say everyday to one another. He was crying you can hear it in the videos, which then made me cry, so we were both there crying because you cant write a better moment. I knew what was about to happen but still when he got down on one knee and sang to me asking to be his wife I lost it. I was so nervous I could not stop moving the entire time. Every time I see the video I get butterflies. It took so much thought and effort, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It truly was the best day ever!

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