Breana and Will

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How We Met

I met Breana in high school, all thanks to twitter. I saw that we were going on the same mission trip, and she was really cute so I really wanted to talk to her. I direct messaged her on twitter because I was too nervous to talk to her – I was intimidated by how pretty she was!! We got to talking online and decided to hang out on the mission trip. However, on the trip, even the times I was standing right next to her, I was too nervous!! The whole week went by and we never had a conversation. Right when we got back from the mission trip, I DM’d her again. I said how sorry I was that I didn’t talk to her and that I really wanted to hang out. We ended up going on a double date with some friends to a movie. I was obviously still nervous, so when we got into the movie I didn’t even sit by her – I sat by her friend instead! She then said, “are you kidding me??” And so I went over and sat next to her. I still never talked to her and was still really nervous around her.

I asked for one more chance to get to know her and we decided to go fishing together. It was a great date and we loved getting to know each other. At the end of the date I was putting another worm on her hook and when I cast back, instead of casting forward and casting into the lake, the worm had gone into her mouth. She starts screaming and I thought I had hooked her, but it turns out I had just cast the worm into her mouth. And somehow, 4 years later she still loves being with me….

how they asked

I had so many different proposal plans! I was originally going to propose on our big rivalry weekend – OU/Texas. She ended up finding out that it was supposed to be that Saturday after she saw text messages! So I decided to move it up and propose the weekend before. All throughout the week I was pretending to “give the secret away” and make her believe it was still going to be OU/Texas weekend.

Breana is on pom at the University of Oklahoma and on the big day, she had to cheer at an 11am game. She had to get up and get ready at 5am, but had plans with her friends to go to OKC for dinner afterwards, around 6. After a tough Sooner loss, she and her friends got ready for dinner and began driving downtown. Before they made it too far, I had my friend, one of Breana’s friends’ boyfriend, call them and tell them that his car had died while he was fishing at the lake. Instead of going straight to dinner, they had to make a stop to pick him up. All of her friends pretended that they were annoyed, but drove out to the lake anyway to jump his car and pick him up.

When the girls got there, they got out of the car and Ross gave Breana a note that said, “I got you. Come down to the dock.” At this point, she knew!! She came down the hill, met me at the start of the walkway, and we walked down together. I read another letter to her just as the sun was setting & then proposed!! Her friends came down to celebrate with us and take photos before we left for dinner with our families. It was as perfect a night as it could be.

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Special Thanks

Melanie Foster
 | Photographer