Breana and Justin

How We Met

I was friends with this other guy on Facebook, and he posted a picture of himself with a few other guys at the top of a snowy mountain, and I stumbled across the picture. I was single at the time, and just thought he (one of his friends) was the cutest and totally looked like my type (snowboarder dude). I had asked him to “be my friend” thinking that it wouldn’t lead to anything and he’d accept my internet friendship and I could go about admiring him from his pictures. He ended up accepting my friend request, and in-turn actually DM’ed me, saying he was single and I looked like his type as well. Even though I was the one that initiated the whole thing, I am not sure if I was just in awe, or playing hard to get at the time, but he asked and he asked, and I kept shutting him down to get together and meet, one request after another. Finally after about 10 months and me running out of excuses, I intoxicatedly invited him over to my friends house, where she was having a small get-together. He showed up with a friend, and the rest was history from there. We Celebrated 8 years together this past October, and I cannot wait to marry to man of my dreams!

How They Asked

For about a month or so, I had been planning our first ever Family Pictures with myself, Justin, and our two furr babies, Stella and Luna. I had picked out our outfits as well as ordered the girls matching puppy bandanas from our favorite local shop, Hoot & Co. I was in charge of all aspects of our family pictures, or at least I thought, up until the end of our photo session when we were wrapping things up. My longtime friend, and our AMAZING photographer had asked us if there was anything in particular that we would want to do in our photos. I, naturally said “no” because I have absolutely zero photography and artistry skills, when I heard a “yeah, can we get one more” come out of Justin. He is such a goofball and joker that I can’t ever take him seriously, so I just looked at him and said “oh really, what is it that you are wanting to do now?!” I turned to him, he got on one knee, tears already in his eyes and barely muttered out “Breana I love you so much, will you Marry me”. Danielle, with IndyPop.Photo immediately as she says “picked up what he was picking down”, where as I stood there in complete shock, asking him if “this was real or not”, as he had literally gotten the heat for about the past AT LEAST two years from all of my family, friends, and even co-workers, asking when he was going to pop the question hahahahaha. I was in such shock it all didn’t really even hit me until the next day, where I found myself crying in my car in disbelief and happiness!


Special Thanks

Indy Pop Photo
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