Breakfast in Bed Proposal

Happy Monday! I’m so excited to share a very, very gorgeous proposal shoot with one tiny, tiny catch….it’s styled! The shoot was put together after the actual proposal, but read through Emily and Ian’s love story and you’ll see how perfectly the shoot captured their happiness and joy. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Image 1 of Breakfast in Bed Proposal The Styled Proposal Details by Amy and Jordan Photography: This styled proposal was inspired by the beauty of everyday life. We think it’s important for guys to know that the perfect way to pop the question doesn’t always have to be a grandiose gesture to be memorable. The love of your life doesn’t necessarily need a singing mob of people or a trip to Paris for her to know she’s special. For some, the perfect proposal is turning a simple moment into a forever milestone. Emily and Ian are a real, in-love couple. They will be getting married this fall, and since Ian proposed to Emily at home, we thought this breakfast in bed shoot would be a perfect way for Emily to relive the magic of their engagement. With the styling of BASH by Brenly, Ian proposed to Emily all over again, and we were there to capture it. Ian sweetly woke Emily up to a beautifully prepared breakfast, full of frosted treats, but surprised her with some sparkle in the place she least expected it. When he asked her to “wake up and smell the coffee,” Emily was shocked to look down and find her engagement ring at the bottom of the mug. As she had her eyes locked on that mug, Ian got down on his knee, and from that moment on, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Tears filled Emily’s eyes, and it was truly as if time froze for a moment. They recommitted their forevers to each other, and then they knew it was time to celebrate. With the help of BASH, Ian made sure he was “Serving Up Some Sparkle.” Emily was surprised not only by a breakfast in bed proposal, but by a dazzled up armoire complete with “frosted” wheat cereal, “iced” cinnamon rolls, and “glazed” donut holes. The decorated room was bright in morning glow yellow, mints, golds, and silvers, accented with a handmade garland. They toasted to their future with mimosas, and it was the perfect ending to a perfect proposal. Image 2 of Breakfast in Bed Proposal

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And then the celebration….

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Image 16 of Breakfast in Bed Proposal How We Met: “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns in all the world, she walked into mine.” A quote from the movie Casablanca just about sums up how we met. Emily and Ian are from two different types of families. Ian is a born and raised Arizona native, having grown up on a ranch working outdoors. I (Emily) am a small town Chicago native that moved to Arizona shortly after my 12th birthday. I studied Special Education at Arizona State University and had many classes with many hopeful, soon-to-be teachers. In one of those classes, I met a very eager and hard working girl who quickly became my friend. We worked on projects together and quickly made our way through the program. The final year of the program was a year long student-teaching program in which we had many things to do in order to prepare. During one of our “breaks” from a training, my friend asked me to lunch and said that the restaurant that she worked at was close by. We carpooled over there, talking about our upcoming year, and as we pulled into the parking garage she said to me, “Oh cool! My brother is working today.” She began to tell me about this “brother” of hers that I had seldomly heard of, and how they worked together at this new hip restaurant. We walked in, short on time and made our way to the bar to see her brother. As we walked up, I see a man bent over a sink with his head down, showing only the top of his hat. As we sat down, he raised his head to look at us and it was like the world stopped spinning for just a second. I nearly missed the bar stool to sit on and began to sweat (as I normally do when I get nervous). He looked up and said hello and gave us the menus. In the short time that we were there for lunch, I was quickly given an application to work at the restaurant from her brother so he would have another chance to talk to me, and was hired the next day.

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how they asked: A year and a half later from when we met, it was Ian’s birthday and we decided to utilize a free meal from the restaurant that we had earned. That morning, Ian told me that he needed to run some errands and change the lightbulb in his license plate frame. Being that it was 3 days before Christmas, I thought nothing of it. I coordinated with his mom and sister a time to meet that day for a birthday lunch. While he told me he had just a few errands, Ian really set out to find my father to ask for his blessing. He went to my fathers regular Saturday basketball games and nervously asked him. My father (who was caught off guard) told Ian to “come back in a few minutes.” Ian panicked knowing that he had to make it to lunch with his family and me, and sent me an eager text telling me he had a few more things to “pick up for christmas.” While I sat in our small 2 bedroom condo, entertaining his mom and sister, Ian waited in parking lot nearby for my father. After finally getting the chance to speak with him, and then soon after my step mom, Ian rushed to meet us for lunch. After lunch we confirmed our reservations for our dinner out with a couple friends and hung around the house. As the time approached to get ready for dinner, Ian was laying on the couch, head in my lap telling me that he didn’t feel well. I tried to console him and told him that we could cancel dinner if he felt that was necessary. He said no, that he would be alright. I left him on the couch to get ready in a separate bedroom (my clothes wouldn’t fit in a closet with his) and made my way back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom trying on clothes. As I walked into the bathroom for the hundredth time, I see a box sitting to the right of the sink. Not really paying attention and knowing that we were short on time, I said out loud, “what is this?” As I did, Ian popped around the corner scaring me and got down on one knee while saying “I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” This was such a memorable moment for us and has been an incredible story to share. When we met with our photographers to schedule an engagement shoot, they just loved our story. Shortly after our shoot, they teamed up with Elisa, who owns her her own event planning company, Bash by Brenly specializing in proposals. When she was setting up her business, she wanted to do this shoot to show potential clients that getting engaged doesn’t need to be extravagant. It doesn’t need to be done in Paris, or at the Great Wall of China. It could be as simple as at home, and making breakfast in bed. When she asked our photographers if they knew of anyone that would be willing to participate in this shoot, they smiled and looked at each other and instantly thought of us. We were able to relive our amazing engagement, one more time, this time with photographers there to capture it for us and a yummy breakfast to enjoy. The shoot was so real to us, that when Ian got down on one knee (again), we both burst into tears of joy remembering the real moment all over again.

The room didn’t have a dry eye in it. Image 18 of Breakfast in Bed Proposal

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Photographer: Amy & Jordan Photography // Event Designer: BASH by Brenly // Paper Products by Sugar and Type