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After nearly 5 years of dating, Cody surprised me with a well thought out trip to the New River Gorge in West Virginia, complete with a cabin in the woods and our dog, Aurora in tow. We had plans to hike Long Point trail and asked me what I was planning on wearing. “Oh, probably a hoodie and some yoga pants,” I said. He told me we were going to a nice restaurant afterward and picked an outfit that was “more appropriate” for the occasion.

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I was a bit confused but excited so I readily packed my bags and prepared for our trip. The night before he proposed, I woke up at 2 am and found him still awake (I now know because he was nervous thinking about the proposal). The next morning, we went to breakfast before our hike, then started on the trail.

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We stood out, as neither of us wore traditional hiking apparel and Cody even tripped and ripped the knee of his pants along the way. Once we arrived at the overlook at the end of the trail, a photographer was taking what looked to be senior pictures but told us we could go ahead out on the rock. Cody said “Look how beautiful it is over there” and while I looked over to the left where he was pointing, I soon felt a tug on my hand and looked over to see Cody on one knee with my dream engagement ring in hand.

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Of course, I said “YES!” and he whispered to me “Do you want to say hi to our photographer?” I turned around to see the photographer we saw on the way in smiling and taking our picture, with a group of avid hikers behind her.

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As it turns out, the photographer Cody hired brought her sister to act out a shoot so I wouldn’t be suspicious and they kept everyone off of the rock overhang until we got there. Needless to say, there wasn’t a fancy lunch following, Cody just wanted to assure my hiking outfit was picture perfect. It was the perfect proposal, complete with the love of my life, my dream ring, our dog present, beautiful scenery, and a photographer to capture every moment. My heart is full.

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Special Thanks

Katie Speece
 | Photographer