Brea and Bryan

Brea's Proposal in Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta

Bryan and I had planned to make a cross country trip out to Alberta, to visit friends of ours and just to get away and enjoy each other’s company. We have two year old twins and the words “relax and downtime” don’t really exist in our everyday vocabulary.

The truck was packed, our excitement for some time away was at an all time high, and we started on our 12 hour road trip.

The first few days of our vacation was quite and honestly exactly what we needed. We enjoyed the greatest thanksgiving dinner with friends, and spent some much needed quality time together.

We all planned a getaway to Banff, AB where we decided we would spend one day touring the cozy little town and gift shops, and the next day we would make our way out to the picturesque Lake Louise (it’s been on my bucket list for years, and there was no way I was going to miss out on the opportunity)

October 10th, infront of our friends and a whole bunch of tourists, we stood in front of the most beautiful Lake in all of Canada – posing for a picture, or so I thought- Bryan, the love of my life surprised me by getting down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of forever with him.

It was the easiest “YES!” I have ever had the pleasure of saying – we can’t wait to go home and tell the twins and start planning one of the greatest days of our lives!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta