Breanna and Kyle

How We Met; Kyle’s Side:

Being naturally a bit on the shy side, I didn’t exactly rush over to introduce myself to Bre when she and some mutual friends showed up at our house to go out for New Years Eve. To be honest, at the time, I wasn’t really looking to date anyone, I don’t think she really was either. Apparently, Heather, who is Bre’s best friend, and also happens to be sister-in-law to one of my roommates, was planning to set us up together. So everyone got dressed up to go out, we piled into several cars, and headed out to a New Years party at Whiskey Blue, a nice bar on top of The W Hotel in Atlanta.

After we had been at the party for a while, Heather and I started talking. A conversation that was casual at first, abruptly came to ‘So what do you think about Bre?’ Which I replied with ‘She seems pretty cool.’ Noticing I had missed the point, Heather repeated her question, which I then responded with ‘She’s hot!’ Heather then confidently suggested I go over and talk to her, so I did. Of course, this walk across a small room lasted forever, especially with my roommates stopping me and threatening to beat me to death if I messed this up. Apparently, I was the only one out of the loop on this plot.

I don’t think Bre was that excited about me at first, and I was fairly nervous about approaching her, nothing a bit of liquid courage and several pep talks couldn’t help though. We started talking and actually had a lot in common and hit if off rather well. So we talked, laughed, danced, and just had a really great time with each other. Later the countdown to midnight came, and without even thinking about it, I kissed her.

Everyone returned to our house after the party to crash, but she and I stayed up and talked for hours. If you had told me that one day, this girl would love me like she does, and even agree to be my wife, I would’ve told you that you were crazy! I guess sometimes work out far better than you could ever imagine.
How We Met; Bre’s Side:

I have been on some of the WORST blind dates imaginable. Seriously, epic fails. At the time I had met Kyle, New Year’s Eve of 2012, I was in no mind to look for relationship. I had decided to go with my best friend and a few others to Whisky Blue, a sky top bar in Atlanta, for the New Year celebration. Little did I know, Heather (the bestie) was on a mission that night and a mission that turned out to be quite successful.

The group we went with consisted of heather’s brother in law and a few of his roommates. There was one in particular that Heather had asked me about. He was attractive, but a bit shy – either way I wasn’t really interested in being matched up anymore. A girl just can’t be single these days without everyone and their brother feeling the need to play matchmaker. As the drinks flowed though, Kyle approached me and was more than charming. When he actually got the courage to kiss me at midnight, I was just glad he wasn’t bad at it (haha). Later that night we stayed up for hours discussing music and more music…it’s one of our shared passions. The rest is history. I knew early on that I would be keeping him around, despite how hard I tried to not get attached. He’s special and loves me for me – which is hard to do sometimes I’m sure. Honestly, the word should be jealous.
how they asked; Kyle’s Side:

Bre always jokes about wanting to have an orchid garden one day, which is amusing, because the three that I’ve given her since we’ve been dating have all died. I knew the Atlanta Botanical Garden has an entire exhibit dedicated to orchids, so I decided if I couldn’t give her an entire garden of them, that this would be the next best thing. I also knew I wanted to incorporate some sort of surprise photography to cover the proposal. After some searching, I found Rustic White Photography, and I knew I had a winner. They were so accommodating and friendly, and needless to say, they had a great portfolio as well. In addition to their photography, Bailey (Bash Atlanta), a friend of theirs specializes in wedding planning and offered to help with proposal planning. Although I already had a basic idea of my plan, I welcomed the extra help.

I was certainly glad Bailey offered her help, the proposal wouldn’t have been the same without her. Although I already had a basic plan, she came to the table with tons of fresh ideas, and helped make things better overall. So we planned to stage a picnic in Piedmont Park with flowers, candles, music, games, breakfast…..which was just a great way to kick off the “date” and build some anticipation. Then we were going to walk to the garden, take a brief tour, and then make our way back to the orchid center for the proposal to take place. Afterward, we thought it would be cool to go back to the park for a short engagement shoot, providing Bre actually said yes.

So leading up to the day, I just told Bre that I was going to be taking her out to brunch on Sunday, and that the rest of the day was a surprise. The Saturday before, we were hanging out with BJ and Leanne, Bre’s brother and sister-in-law. They knew we had plans the next day, but I hadn’t told them what we were doing, worried someone might slip and say something. That night, they thought Leanne might be going into labor with their second son, who wasn’t due for several more weeks. So they asked us if we would mind watching their son, Dylan, while they went to the hospital. Of course, we said yes, but needless to say, I was panicking. Fortunately, they came home late that night, and the baby wasn’t born for a few more weeks.

Sunday, we were driving toward Midtown, and of course it started to rain. Fortunately, the weather cleared up by the time we were parking. Bre was wondering why we were walking through Piedmont Park to go to breakfast, and then we arrived at the picnic Bailey had set up. She did such a great job and paid such attention to detail to make this special for us. Bre was looking around, asking how this happened and was so curious who set it up, it was hilarious. Little did she know, Bailey and her husband were close by, as were Tiffany and Robert from Rustic White. We had a great time just hanging out, listening to music, and playing checkers. At this point, she just thought I was being sweet, but had no idea what was going to happen.

Eventually, we got up and headed to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, which neither of us had ever been to. We took a quick tour of the garden and made our way back to the orchid center. After we started browsing, Bailey approached us posing as an employee of the garden, and presented us with a complimentary silk orchid, which we’ll always have from that day. Bre was a bit suspicious about this, so I quickly changed the subject. At this point, things became interesting, because we had to wait for other spectators to pass through, and I was really nervous, so we probably went around the exhibit four times before I thought the timing was right. At that point, I took Bre’s orchid from her, took her hands in mine, and looked at her straight on and started my speech. I think the only thing she remembers from it is ” do you know how much to you mean to me, do you know how much I love you?” being repeated a few times. Which is funny, because the only thing I remember is her clamming up and repeating “Kyle, what are you doing?” When I actually took the ring from my pocket and dropped to my knee, I could just hear cameras going off like crazy, it was a very surreal moment. I asked her to be my wife, and she thankfully said yes! (I was concerned she’d say no just as a joke, I’m glad she let this one slide).

how they asked; Bre’s Side:

It was a rainy Sunday, September 30th to be exact. Kyle had been planning a date night for September. I tend to get fairly busy with my work side projects, so I try and make sure to carve out at least one weekend just for Kyle. Now keep in mind, I seriously had no idea this was even going to take place. The day before, Kyle had taking me to get a manicure and pedicure (he loves a good pedicure more than I do I think) and an outfit. Now, this didn’t really seem out of the ordinary because I had had a very bad week and normally before we do anything big (date, dinner, trip, etc.) I feel like I have nothing to wear and have to get a new piece of clothing. When he offered to take me the day before, I figured it was to just keep me from having a nervous breakdown from “lack of clothes” the next morning. After that was over, we went to hang out with my brother, his wife, and my nephew. Later that night, my sister-in-law, who was pregnant with her second boy, decided that she may/may not be having the baby and left Kyle and I in charge of the nephew. It was getting late, and my brother called to inform me that we might have to spend the night. Now considering I just thought Sunday was just going to be a standard date, I told him we would do whatever needed to be done. Looking back, I’m sure Kyle was PANICKING. Keeping the nephew would mean no date. It all worked out though, we went home around 3 in the morning.

We woke up the next morning and it was cloudy with a huge chance of rain. Days like that, you just want to stay in bed you know. I had even mentioned that we should reschedule, but Kyle talked me into it. We headed down to Piedmont Park for a surprise. He wouldn’t tell me anything – with is a surprise in itself because he can’t keep a secret. We got to the park and was walking around when he points to a picnic that had been set up. I was shocked. For fifteen minutes I tried to get him to tell me who had helped him. There was pillows, candles, food, games, our names hang on the trees. Now for most girls, this would have been a dead giveaway. However, I’m not most girls – I was completely clueless. After we had ate and I had schooled him in a game of checkers, we were on our way to the rest of the date. Now again, my main concern was living the picnic goodies behind in the park unattended. Well we arrive at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and it had start to sprinkle a bit. Now my hair is naturally curly and I began to panic about my hair frizzing up. We ended up at the Orchid Garden section of the gardens. Now just a side story, orchids are one of my favorite flowers. Kyle has bought me three since we have been dating and I have killed them all. I always tell him that I want an orchid garden one day, and he always responds that they are too expensive and that if he could afford it, I would just kill them. Valid point, but a girl can hope right? Anyway back to the Orchid Garden. It was beautiful! We walked through it really quickly…too quickly for my liking but Kyle assured me we would come back through. After several minutes of stalling it hit me…is he really going to propose? Nahhhh…I brushed it off. We got back to the orchid room and he spins me around, palms sweaty (haha) and drops to one knee…all i remember is asking him repeatedly what he was doing and hearing the sound of camera flashes from all around. He had hired secret photographers. Hahaha looking back I guess it was fairly obvious what he had set out to do that day. He did a wonderful job and I love being able to share the story. Oh, and if you were wondering, I said yes!

Photography by Rustic White Photography
Proposal Planner: Bash Atlanta
Proposal Location: Atlanta Botanical Garden
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