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How We Met – Bre

Charles and I met on July 19th 2016 (one year to the day as I’m writing this email) at our friend Luke’s birthday party. I knew as soon as I saw him that there was something different about him, and it wasn’t just his 6’8 frame towering over me. I had just come to a new city after a very difficult time in my life and felt so out of place at this party filled with good friends chatting as only good friends can while I stared intently at various pieces of furniture. So as I stepped out into the garden, this was a garden party and I noticed the “adult” table was full and all that was left was a particularly lonely side table and a decidedly rowdy kids table, I paused.

While I stood trying to decide between the lesser of two social awkwardness evil, sweating from more than the Kansas City heat, Charles walked up behind me and said, “C’mon, lets sit at the cool kids table” That was it, just like that, from awkwardness to ease in eight words. Five months getting to know each other as friends, my three-month mission trip to rural Southeast Asia, and four amazing months of dating later we found ourselves under the bridge where we first kissed on a warm Kansas City July night much like the very first.

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how they asked – charles

Asking Bre to marry me was just as much a waiting game as it was anything else. Due to a death in the family I waited to ask Bre’s father for his blessing until just a few days before his scheduled visit to Kansas City. I had plans on a Tuesday night to help Bre’s roommate, Sam, with a school project. Sam is a year ahead of me in the same school program and needed someone she could interview for 3 straight hours but didn’t know very well. I fit the bill. Unbeknownst to Bre, I reached out to Sam and rescheduled our interview but asked that she keep it a secret. From there I did some more good ol fashioned waiting. I think the hardest part was hiding things from Bre. I erased so many texts and calls, it was crazy! On Monday, Mika took Bre to get her nails done and they ended up going halfsies on a new dress. I was really hoping this wouldn’t be too obvious. That night I casually asked Bre if she wanted to go out to dinner before the school project in order to celebrate our anniversary.

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Tuesday I waited all day. I didn’t eat anything, though I did manage to get my laundry done. That night we went to the same restaurant where we ate on our first date. As we were eating dessert after a dinner that I can’t recall one word from, Sam texted Bre asking if she could let me know that something came up last minute and that she needed to reschedule our meeting. I tried to act as surprised as possible and then proposed that we go for a walk. With 45 minutes to burn, it ended up being a very long walk. More waiting! Finally, once the previously-planned-on time arrived, we walked along the water to the furthest bridge where we first kissed nearly 4 months before. As we passed the second pillar under the bridge we arrived at a table that some friends had set up with candles, flowers, a picture of us and our favorite song playing. I walked her out to the middle of the pillars (for the sake of Bo, my former roommate and my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s husband taking pictures from afar) and read her a letter and then took a knee and asked!

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After this we rode a gondola down the river and I read her some cheesy poetry about how the river is actually a sewage canal and how we can still find beauty. “It’s just me and you – on this river of poo.” Okay the poetry was pretty bad but I thought the life metaphors were rich. The jury’s still out. From there we went to celebrate with family and friends. With family in town from Jamaica and Chicago this was a special time. We shared our story, ate cake, toasted and spent time in prayer together. Overall I’m happy with the way things went and even happier about getting the girl it was all for!

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