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How We Met

How Bradley and I met is kind of a crazy story. I was a senior in high school, and he had just graduated from a nearby school. When we met I was in a toxic relationship with someone I thought was my best friend, and Bradley was pursuing a career as a private pilot. Bradley and I met on May 31, 2014. Although he says he knew the moment he met me (he told his Dad that night that he was going to marry me), it took some convincing for me… I mean I was dating another guy and I am NOT the type to spread my love.

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Bradley and I met over a bonfire, a game of corn hole, and a handful of french fries (The french fries are our ongoing joke between Bradley and I because I LOVE food). I knew there was something special about Bradley. Over the next few weeks, Bradley would continue to try to win my heart until the day came that he did. He would tell me every day that I deserved better and that he wanted to be the guy to show me what a relationship should be. Finally, I saw what he saw and decided that I wanted to take a leap of faith with a guy I had met 2 weeks earlier for the first time… we are going on 4 years now!

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Well, this is a funny story. So Bradley calls me the day before Valentine’s Day and says, “I just wanted to let you know that I’m not sending you flowers tomorrow because we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day Saturday.” To be honest, I was a little (a lot) sad, but little did I know the plans he had for me!

Saturday came and I woke up at 8:00 am. I was laying in bed and there was a knock at my door. Bradley loves surprising me so I thought maybe it was him, instead I opened the door and found my roommate Syd standing there was a huge bouquet of flowers and a note. The note read, “Valentine, I’m sorry that I’m not able to be there this morning but please take this as your first warning. I need you to give your phone away I promise it’ll make for a more exciting day. I’ve arranged for a friend to keep it protected while you enjoy a day full of things I’ve selected. With this, you’ll find food to start your day, experiences past tell me you like it this way. So take an hour to enjoy your meal and when nine o’clock comes, I’ll tell you the deal.” So getting this I was super confused. I should mention that the couple weeks before this Bradley had been telling me “hey I’m gonna propose next weekend so be ready”… I thought he was kidding.

So I got ready and waited for the next clue. At nine o’clock my next clue came. It read “Valentine nine o’clock is here and your surprise is near. So get dressed for the day that is headed your way. It won’t be long till your ride arrives, when 10:30 comes you will get a surprise.” So I waited and to my surprise, my best friend Amy Gail knocks on the door and she is my ride. She also hands me my next clue. It read, “Valentine, ten thirty is here so starts your surprise. Just follow her lead and she will advise.”

Amy Gail and I proceeded to go to the nail salon. Paid for by Bradley! We got our nails done and a million things were going through my head. I always told him my nails better be done when he proposes… so he did a good job. Once Amy Gail and I finished, Amy Gail took me to one of my favorite shops and I had the task of finding a new outfit. Paid for by Bradley! After shopping for an hour I finally found what I wanted and we headed to lunch. Paid for by Bradley! After lunch, we headed back to my house and a surprise was waiting for me on my bed. It was another clue. It read, “I hope you’ve enjoyed your day full of fun, but let me be clear it’s not quite done. When 5:00 strikes the fun starts again. Just follow the lead of your dear best friend. She’ll help you get dressed in the items you chose, for the next time we meet I’ll have you a rose.”

So I got ready in the outfit I picked out earlier. Amy Gail blind-folded me and took me on a wild ride in her car (she’s a crazy driver). I had no idea where we were going but after about 10 minutes of driving we stopped and I had to wait. Amy Gail helped me out of the car and guided me down the stairs, which is so hard to do blindfolded and had me stop to take off my blindfold. Amy Gail took off my blindfold and Bradley was standing at the end of a walkway sprinkled with pedals and candles waiting for me. I was actually surprised. I really did not think it was happening that day.

I walked to Bradley and when I got there he told me how much he loved me and that he’s loved me ever since he first saw me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I SAID YES! The crazy thing about it was that a few weeks earlier Bradley already had my ring, but was messing with me and asked me how many diamonds I wanted in it. I answered, “78 little ones and 1 big one.”

He kept saying it back to me and now I know why. The ring he had and the one he gave me has 78 little diamonds and 1 big one! Coincidence or not… I think we are meant to be together. #pickettpartyof2one!

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