Bre and Andy

How We Met

Andy and I grew up in the same church and became close friends as we both got older. Through a lot of pursuit on his behalf, we ended up dating and we have never looked back!

how they asked

Andy knew the proposal had to be a surprise, so he picked the one place I would never suspect a thing – at my work. I was in a staged meeting when one of the girls I work with came in and asked us to come down to the yard because things were getting hectic (I work in child care). Turns out all the girls from work were in on the proposal and raced outside to get there before me. As I came outside, all of my class was sitting down each holding a rose, which they all eagerly gave to me. I was totally confused at this point, but as I went around the corner I saw a rose petal path lined with flowers on either side, a beautifully decorated backdrop and, of course, Andy. That’s when it clicked and the waterworks began. Before I knew it he was down on one knee asking me to marry him with the most beautiful ring, and of course I said YES! Then Andy took me to our favourite Indian restaurant on the Sunshine Coast to celebrate. Best day ever!

Image 1 of Bre and Andy

Special Thanks

Caleb Loeken photography
 | Photographer