Braylin and Jake

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How We Met

I met this wonderful man when I was 16 years old. I was talked into going to a retreat called Search and he happened to be on team for this retreat. He gave a talk that weekend about Christian Relationships and I had a crush from the start. A few months later, we met up again because we were both picked to be on team for the next retreat. We became best friends from day one of that weekend and the rest quickly became history. We started dating in June of 2013 (long distance YIKES!) , went on to go to the same college and have been together for 4 years!!

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how they asked

I was on vacation with my family for 2 weeks this July and jake couldn’t make it do to research he has been doing all summer for medical school, so needless to say – we were planning our weekend for when I get back and we were very excited! Jake had to go back home that weekend for a golf tournament and I happily agreed to go because I love Little Rock and obviously wanted to spend time with him! After the golf tournament, I knew we were going to a family gathering of his! His mom and I spent the day girling out (nails and lunch ETC) while he was at this golf tournament! He told me everyone was dressing nice for this event and asked if I would bring my camera because he knew his family would love for me to take pictures (which I love to do!). Jake told me that we had to drive separately to the family gathering because we had to run by the diocese to talk to a friend of ours that is going to be writing a letter of recommendation for Jake’s medical school application!

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Once we got to the diocese, he was letting me control everything we were doing (so I had no clue that I was about to get engaged)! He took me around to the front of the main building as we were leaving and he started in with his proposal. I obviously said yes. After I wiped away my tears and put on my ring, I look over and realize- not only did he have someone there to catch everything on camera, it was my best friend and now maid of honor. He proposed to me at the place we met, with my best friend and the place we plan on getting married at this next summer!! I get to marry my high school sweetheart!!!!!

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