Braxton and Autumn

How We Met

Autumn and I grew up with our mailboxes only ten minutes apart, but unfortunately it took a while for us to meet. We went to the same high school and even the same church, but I never grew the nerve to even say hello. Years went by and now we were both in college and hadn’t seen each other since I graduated high school. I was home for the summer before my senior year of college and was volunteering with a local little league baseball team. I played baseball in college and would give pitching lessons and typically help coach a team in my spare time. During this particular summer I grew close with one of my players and even his family. Little did I know that this was Autumn’s brother. All it took was her coming to one game and seeing her sitting in the stands and I was hooked. I would ask her brother every game if she was coming, unfortunately her passion for baseball wasn’t quite as high as my passion for her. It was only three days before she left to go back to college, it was my last and only shot. I convinced myself to message her online, and it took off like wildfire from there. Within the first forty-eight hours we were together every possible second, and I was already making plans to come see her at her university. I took that two hour drive to go see my Autumn only a day after she moved in, and asked her to be my girlfriend by the end of the week. We tackled long distance through the end of the year. I graduated from college and moved to the same town so we could be together. We have now been together for 3 years and counting.

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how they asked

Braxton got up and got ready for work that morning like he always did. He usually goes home for lunch but told me that something came up at work and he wouldn’t get a lunch break that day. I never thought anything was off or unusual. Little did I know, Braxton never really went to work that morning. He texted me around 3 pm and told me I needed to go pick something up from his dad. So I left and met his dad to pick up hotel reservations for a wedding we were going to that weekend in Georgia. When I got back home, there were flowers and an envelope with my name on it in the kitchen. I opened the envelope and there was a note inside. The note said that he wanted to celebrate me doing well in nursing school and said that I would find 3 dresses in my bedroom and to pick out any one that I liked and that a driver was going to pick me up at 5:15 pm. Once I got ready, I got a phone call from the driver that said he was outside waiting for me. In the driver’s car, there was another envelope with my name on it. I opened it up and it was a photo book of tons of pictures we had taken over the past three years. There went the tears. My stomach was full of butterflies and I couldn’t stop thinking of him and how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful guy. The driver pulled up to a beautiful mansion here in Nashville and there Braxton was, waiting on the front steps for me and looking so handsome in a suit. I got out of the car and Braxton took my hand and took me around the corner of the mansion to a spot that overlooked beautiful scenery. You could see for miles. Braxton took my hands and immediately started tearing up. He told me how much he loved me and that he couldn’t imagine his life without me. Here came more tears. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. OF COURSE I SAID YES!

He hugged me and as we were both wiping the tears from our eyes, he said “I have some people you may want to see”…

Both of our families were there! My parents live in Florida so he had brought my parents up to Tennessee and got my brother up from college in Chattanooga. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was dreaming. We took pictures together and then he told me he had another surprise for me, that we were all going out to eat but wouldn’t tell me where. We get in the car with the driver again and he pulls up to our favorite restaurant that we only go to on our anniversary. And if he didn’t already out do himself, my best girl friends were there waiting for us! That day still doesn’t feel real and I can’t believe I get to marry my best friend. He is all I have ever prayed about plus some. We are so excited for this future together and the love we have recieved is so heart warming. Here’s to forever.

Special Thanks

Shelby Cook
 | Photographer