Brannan and McKenzie

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How We Met

Brannan and I met in high school our senior year. He showed up at my door one day with flowers, balloons, and a cupcake (my favorite) and ask me to be his date to the senior homecoming dance. I said yes even though we didn’t know each other very well. But he was a cute football player with a big heart so what more could a high school girl ask for? We went on a few dates (once I finally had the nerve to not cancel) and the rest is history.

how they asked

It was the most magical moment! Brannan took me to a look out spot over Birmingham. He told me we were going to a dinner for a friend. It was the best surprise!!! We pulled up to the look out spot and he opened the door for me and grabbed my hand and walked me to where he would propose. He had red rose petals covering the ground and twinkle lights and candles everywhere you looked. He had an old wooden door covered with pictures of us through out our four year together. He had a bottle of champagne with “bride to be” and “groom to be” glasses. Brannan got down on one knee over the rose petals and told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. And of course I said yes to marrying the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

Lauren Liddell
 | Photographer