Brandy and McCauley

Brandy's Proposal in Cabin in Lake George, Colorado

how they asked

I made her wait for six years before asking. Six long years of putting up with me…and she didn’t say ‘yes’. She had hinted at marriage once years prior. And when I say ‘hint’, it was really her saying “if you ever decide to ask me, my answer will be ‘yes’.” Maybe I should have asked her right then. We had only been dating for one year at that point. One year after I invited her out camping with me to watch a meteor shower. Maybe if I had asked her at the one-year anniversary of that camping trip, she would have said ‘yes’. Maybe I should have asked in front of thousands of people on the jumbotron the day we won Broncos playoffs tickets. Maybe then she would have said ‘yes’. Maybe I should have done it the day we put down our deposit on our first house. Or maybe the day that we found out we were pregnant.

Brandy and McCauley's Engagement in Cabin in Lake George, Colorado

Last fall she didn’t ask why I was so adamant that we go on another camping trip. She didn’t question why we ‘had to go’ during a new moon when the stars would be out in full force. She didn’t remember that the potato soup I was cooking on the propane stove was the same recipe I had made for her on our meteor-shower camping trip six years prior. She didn’t see the celebratory bottle of champagne I had stashed behind a woodpile when I was supposedly at work that morning. She didn’t know I already had a video on my phone of her dad congratulating us so that she could share the moment with loved ones while we were so far off the grid. She didn’t hear me practicing my proposal speech in front of the mirror 100 times in the week leading up to that night. She didn’t even get suspicious when I took her by the hand and led us out to a meadow to get a better look at the stars. And when I got down on one knee, trying to keep it together just like I had rehearsed, and I held that small box in front of her…she didn’t say ‘yes’. She didn’t have to. She didn’t need to say the words out loud. I knew. She knew. We knew. About damn time!

Special Thanks

Stacey Zaiger