Brandy and Javier

How We Met

Me and my fiancé are from the same small town of Rome,GA. We met in June of 2011 , he was gone for 8 months of the year because of work ,and I was a single mom and wasn’t looking. We were set up by our friends for a “blind date”. Knowing he was only home for the summer I wasn’t really expecting us to be more than friends. I was one of those people that didn’t think long distance relationships would ever work .. little did I know! He did end up switching jobs a year into our relationship which made us closer being able to spend more time together .. Here we are almost 6 years later and the best part is that him and my daughter are inseparable !Marriage Proposal Ideas in Rome ,Ga

how they asked


On December 26, 2016, he wanted to take my daughter,Sophia, flying because she had never been in a small airplane.We are living in Raleigh,NC but we were in Rome, Ga for the holidays. We took off, and flew for about an hour , I was feeling sick because he was letting Sophia fly so I asked him to land . When we got out of the airplane both of our families rushed out at us . I was so overwhelmed and surprised – especially since we’d been dating for five and a half years!

He proposed to me with a little airplane that had my ring on the propellor . He was so nervous and said “Five and a half hours ago you stole my heart ” I laughed and cried, it was perfect, and I’m so thankful he included my daughter and our families !

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