Brandy and James

How We Met

We met in San Diego. I was a student at UCSD then, and James just finished college at UC Berkeley and came back home. We went to the same church in San Diego. Through serving together in college, youth, and children ministries, we got to know each other better. We started talking more about topics that normally wouldn’t interest me, such as football, politics, and taxes. Eventually he asked me out. We decided to begin our relationship on a 100 day period of no contact and agreed that during this time we would both pray about our relationship to see if this is truly what God has intended for the two of us. After the 100 days, we were both very sure we wanted to move forward with the relationship and let God lead us. After a year of dating, James got accepted into dental school in New York. Long distance was hard but we made it work with daily phone calls, text messages, FaceTime, and prayers.

Image 1 of Brandy and James

how they asked

I just said goodbye to my friends in San Diego to move to NYC so I can be closer to James. I was ready for a new change of scenery. I’ve always considered myself a city gal and wanted to live in NYC since the day James found out he got into dental school here. James showed me around the city for a couple of days. We went to spots in NYC that we have not been to before. I saw a picture of the Manhattan bridge before and had wanted to go there. On the day of the proposal, James took me to Brooklyn Bridge, and we walked around Brooklyn Bridge Park, and eventually ended up at the corner of Water and Washington Streets. He turned me around and the picture of Manhattan bridge appeared right in front of my eyes. I quickly took out my camera to take pictures of the bridge. Stealthily, James brought out the ring in front of my camera. He took my hand and gave his speech and got down on one knee.

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