Brandy and Eric


How We Met

I am 38 years old and never been married.This is common in large cities and around the globe,but not where I am from.I live in a town with not even one stoplight and the nearest high end restaurant is 30 mins away.I have owned my Aveda salon for 18 years and pride myself on being independent so I refused to settle.I invested in every online dating site available and every man had the same excuse….I was too far to drive to.I did this for 3 years and have the best and worst stories! I finally went off all dating sites and quit dating altogether.I poured myself into my youth group at church and forgot about the possibility of every meeting anyone where I lived.I got a phone call from a friend of mine and she insisted I meet Eric.

I was not at all interested as I was bitter and over dating.Finally I gave her the ok to give him my digits and took a leap of faith.We talked on the phone solid for a couple of months.He only lived 30 mins away from me,but he wanted us to truly get to know one another before our first date.Like me he had also tried online dating and felt every date was an interview process.With getting to know one another over the phone….real conversations….I fell in love with him before I met him.We went on our first date and the rest is history.

how they asked

We both are into cars and he was aware what my dream car had and always will be my for entire life.I am a huge 80’s movie fan and any hot chick in the 80’s drove a VW cabriolet convertible.I have been obsessed with Cindi Mancini’s car in “Can’t buy me love” since I was a little girl.With that in mind let’s rewind to the day that I will never forget for the rest of my life.I was fully booked,so I thought, for the day and returning from lunch I had a rose delivery to the salon.


This was the start of a series of clues I had to collect throughout my day.

On the 3rd clue I received my dream car! He even made me an 80’s mix tape because after all it does not have a CD player or aux cord in an 88 model.



I then was lead to my house where steamers with pictures of us were hung from my ceiling.


This clue lead me to the site of our first date and that clue lead me to 300 balloons I had to pop for another clue.


The final clue topped the cake…literally! I was instructed to put a blindfold on and could hear the song from the movie “16 candles” playing.I took the blindfold off and there was the cake that said,”will you marry me?”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in A houseboat

The scene was exactly like 16 candles and I felt like I was in the actual movie.Of course I said YES and we are getting married in Rosemary Beach,Fl. November 5,2016.