Brandy and Dakota

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How We Met

Exactly 7 months and 4 days ago my concept of reality and my future was that I would no doubt destined to be single til I was 40(my friends can even clarify this). But that all suddenly changed on December 21st when a short planned date suddenly turned into a lifetime of love, laughter, and hope. After 10 years of knowing each other, countless hours on FaceTime, and hundreds of efforts to hangout. I finally got an opportunity to go on a surprise date with the boy I had crushed on for so long. Although at the age of 20, I had not planned this for my future and I was content with being alone, God was pushing me to give him a try.

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It didn’t take long for me to realize that he was my person and my forever (When I say it didn’t take long, I mean as soon as I got in the car with him that day my eyes immediately locked on his soul searching blue eyes and my heart felt as if it had just fallen out on the floor). We spent the rest of the day doing everything that Atlanta had to offer. From Ponce City Market to Lenox Mall to Atlantic Station Kilwins ice cream(which he thought I was crazy for craving in the midst of winter) to Ice Skating and finally to the Ferris Wheel (where we had our first kiss). I’ll save you guys the rest of the love story, but let’s just say I learned more about him that day then I had quite frankly known about anyone in my entire life. Flash forward 4 days and we were exchanging the “I love you” for the first time. Within that first week we had already began thinking about our wedding. After a month of dating he decided to make the move to transfer to UGA with me this upcoming Fall and within 17 days of hanging out we got matching tattoos.

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how they asked

After 7 months of continuously falling in love I was suddenly surprised(surprised is an understatement) on a trip to Maui where I sit writing this right now. Thinking I was headed to Panama City Beach on a family vacation at 4am we instead arrived at the airport at 5 to board for Maui. Arriving at the airport with literally no makeup and my pajamas on, I hear the words come out of his mouth “come on get out we’re going to Maui.” With my mom in the back of the car, I assumed this was some kind of silly joke. But NO, within minutes I was walking into the airport in shock of what was actually happening. What boy plans something like this and how did he do this without me having the slightest of clue. Within 10 hours we arrived in Maui. And although I had a strong feeling the engagement was bound to happen, I didn’t know when. So on July 23rd I was told we were meeting up with these bloggers from Instagram that we stock on the daily.

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He then told me he brought me an outfit in case I didn’t bring a good one. So I got ready for the pictures and I was taken out to this beautiful jungle by Honolua Bay(pictures don’t do it justice). Within minutes he was looking into my eyes, down on one knee, nervous and ready to make me his wife. Finally the moment every girl waits for was here. What you probably don’t know is in 4th grade my Grandma had a dream that God came to her and told her Dakota and I were going to get married. So 10 years later God stood true and here we are.

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The cool thing is without Dakota knowing he proposed to me on my Grandma’s birthday! If that’s not God I don’t know what is. He also surprised me once again with his grandma’s ring. To say I’m blessed is an understatement. Some may say it’s a fairy tale, but we say it’s God. If I’ve learned anything from this relationship it’s that God is so good, family is so important, and always stay Non-traditional.

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