Brandy and Cody

how we met

They met at North Walhalla Church of God, he asked her how she was doing as he opened the door for her to come inside. She nearly tripped and fell as she walked in, so she kept walking past him, trying to play it cool. A few weeks later she invited him to a church event, Cody said the only way he would go is if Brandy let him take her out first. They had their first date at Blue Heron where they talked for hours and lost track of time.

how they asked

Cody planned the proposal when the couple was on a Caribbean cruise. Their first outing of the trip was St. Kitts. Brandy was getting ready and had decided to wear athletic clothes and no makeup to go exploring and Cody coolly mentioned “Why don’t you wear this shirt instead?” She didn’t think anything of it, but then he asked her “Don’t you want to wear makeup? You always fuss when we start to take pictures and you haven’t put any on” In the five years that they have been dating, Cody never had a strong opinion over what she wore or her wearing makeup so the rest of the day something just felt off. Once they had reached Romney Manor Sugar Estate, he had decided this was it. Under a 400+ years old tree. It began to sprinkle and he quickly changed his mind, and he was glad he did. The next stop there was a small market and a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. They had went directly to the cliff to see the ocean so blue and so big in front of them. He took a step back and said, “Well, I have waited for as long as I can and I can’t do this anymore without you” and dropped to one knee. She snatched the ring out of the box “so it wouldn’t go over the cliff” and leaped at him with a big YES!

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Photography by Mabry
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South Carolina Botanical Gardens
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