Brandy and Chris

How We Met

We met through an online dating website, Plenty of Fish. I wasn’t really looking for love. I was on the site out of boredom. He went back onto the site out of anger after a girl he had been talking to just stopped talking to him. He told me (later on in our relationship) that he messaged me out of spite. We exchanged numbers pretty quickly. Within an hour of messaging, he gave me his number and said “It may be easier to just text me if you want.” To which I replied, “Do you think I just give my number out to random guys I barely know?” He responded with “I’m feeling lucky.” That was the first time I chuckled at something he said. He was confident I was going to text him, and he seemed cool so I did end up texting him later that day. We talked for over a month before we finally met in person. Before we met, I really wasn’t that into him and I wasn’t looking for a relationship. The first time we met was a little awkward, but overall, it went well. The more we hung out, the more we enjoyed each others company. We have been inseparable ever since!

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how they asked

It was Monday, December 21, 2015. He had taken off of work to finish preparing for Christmas. I was on vacation from work. We started the day off getting breakfast at “our spot”, a diner we have been going to since we started dating. He told me he had a surprise for me. We pulled up to Neshaminy State Park. He said his sister told him about a spot in the park where you can see the Philly skyline. It sounded nice. We looked at a map of the park and found the location. When we got to the river, the Philly skyline could be seen in the background. There was also sand and benches to sit on , it was like a mini beach. It was a little chilly but the sun was shining. We sat and admired the view for a while. I went to take a picture, and I saw Chris get up from the bench. I didn’t think anything of it, I just assumed he was getting up to stretch after sitting. I went to show him the picture that I took, and at that time I got a notification that he had posted on my Facebook. He said “Hey babe, look at what I shared on your wall its hilarious”. I looked at the post and it said “turn around”. At this point, my heart started racing because I figured out what was happening. I turned around, and there he was down on one knee. It was just the two of us, the skyline behind us, and it was so perfect. Best. Day. Ever!!!


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