Brandy and Carl’s "Ducks in a Row" Proposal

Image 1 of Brandy and Carl

How We Met

Carl and I met in 2007 when he transferred to my high school. I can remember the first time I saw him feeling like it was love at first sight, I later that day discovered that we had a class together. I vividly remember looking over at my friend who sat next to me in that class and saying, “You see the new guy at the front of the class? I’m gonna be his friend.” and I made good on that promise. We quickly became friends discovering a mutual love for music, animals, and travel. We spent countless hours together talking about our aspirations in life and the things that we dreamed of. Our friends and family noticed all of the time we spent together and had us figured out before we even did. What started as a friendship eventually became a relationship, and we have been inseparable ever since. We officially started dating on July 13, 2008. Over the years we have grown up together.

Image 2 of Brandy and Carl

We made it through our high school years and matured into adults through college, and all of this time we stuck together. Carl has been by my side for the good times and the bad times, he always goes above and beyond to make me smile and for that I forever thankful. As the years have flown by we have made so many amazing memories together: We moved to a new state together, traveled together, and became dog parents to three little fur babies. We had discussed marriage for years but decided it would be best to wait until we were out of college. At times it was hard being patient, watching friends and family get engaged and being so ready to do the same myself, but it was worth the wait.

how they asked

On July 11, 2015 I woke up knowing Carl was up to something. He had asked me to dinner that evening to celebrate our seven year anniversary of the day we started dating. I agreed and spent the whole day getting my nails done and getting dressed up expecting that we would be going to dinner around 6. I met Carl in a town nearby so we could go to dinner, but he went in a direction I wasn’t expecting at all. I assumed he was messing with me and had most likely decided to take me to another restaurant instead of the one he had mentioned to me earlier that day. But as we continued to drive down old country roads I quickly realized there were no restaurants the way we were heading.

At this point I am absolutely baffled as to where we may be going, but I just sat back and enjoyed the ride wondering what may wait for us at the end of our trip. After a 25 minute drive Carl turns down a dead end road in the middle of a cornfield. I am completely lost at this point with no clue as to where we could possibly be going, he turns down another dirt road with corn fields on either side of us, so all I can see is what is directly in front of the car. And as we start to slow and come to a stop we come out of the corn fields and there they are: ten gigantic inflatable ducks. My heart stopped because I immediately knew where this was going.

For years Carl and I have had a long running inside joke that a friend of his started. We were at a festival in our hometown (years earlier) and I was griping about wanting to get married sooner, and Carl’s friend responded “You can get married when you have all of your ducks in a row.” For some reason this phrase had followed us around ever since. Every time we went through a major life event Carl would remind me that we had acquired a duck, one more in the row that would eventually lead us to a wedding.

Image 3 of Brandy and Carl

So, as we got out of the car he came around and took my hand and led me to the row of ducks. Each duck had a number and each duck also had a reason we had acquired it. Carl walked me down the row of ducks and reminded me of things (both good and bad) that had brought us together and made us a stronger couple. With every duck I was reminded how much we love each other and how fortunate we are to share so many memories together. When we reached the final duck Carl got down on one knee and proposed to me, giving us the last duck we needed to complete the row. Saying “yes” to Carl was the easiest thing I’ve ever done and it will be even easier to say “I do” in October.

Image 4 of Brandy and Carl

For Valentine’s Day (earlier that year) Carl gave me a box full of assorted wines, each labeled with a tag. The tag tells you when to open the bottle and there was a bottle labeled “Open when we become engaged”. After I said yes Carl opened that very bottle of wine and we toasted to our engagement in a field full of ducks. When we actually did make it out to dinner I was greeted by our closest family and friends waiting to celebrate with us! Every detail was so perfect and so thoughtful and I just couldn’t have asked for more. So cheers to even better things to come in 2016!

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