Brandy and Cameron's Proposal on Myrtle Beach

How We Met

We actually went to high school together. It wasn’t until 9 and a half years later that we reconnected through facebook due to suggestion of a mutual best friend. He asked to come down and go out with me and some of my friends one night, and I was like sure! I hadn’t seen him since high school, but when he got out of the truck, one of my best friends said “if you don’t want him, I’ll take him.” HAHA! The rest was history. We reconnected and immediately hit it off.

how they asked

My mother was engaged to be married when I was in 8th grade. Cancer struck and took him shortly before the wedding could be planned. He and I were very close, so I had always said I wanted the center stone from the ring he gave her. I always wanted to have a piece of him with me. So my husband made it happen! He asked my dad for permission to marry me, and then asked my mother for the center stone to have it reset. He had it reset in the most beautiful setting he had picked out, because we hadn’t looked at rings or anything! This was a complete surprise! We had a beach trip planned. He had suggested that we have our pictures taken while we were at the beach because we had done fall pictures and pictures in the snow the previous year. We didn’t have any summer pictures. Me, being the photographer I am, booked a session! The original photographer fell through, so I wasn’t going to reschedule with anyone because we didn’t need the pictures. He insisted saying that he wanted our summer pictures to have a beach background. I found another photographer, Hannah Ruth, who I immediately fell in love with. Little did I know, he called Hannah behind my back and told her his plan. During the session, she gave him the cue (which I missed) and he dropped to his knee right there in the sand by one of my favorite spots (the ocean).

Image 1 of Brandy St. and Cameron St.

He had even brought tissues. He proposed September 24, 2014 and we were married June 20, 2015.

Image 2 of Brandy St. and Cameron St.

Image 3 of Brandy St. and Cameron St.
Image 4 of Brandy St. and Cameron St.
Image 5 of Brandy St. and Cameron St.

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Special Thanks

Hannah Ruth
 | Photography