Brandy and Arthur

how they asked: Arthur and I have been dating for over five years.  I was starting to getting antsy about wanting to get married but I honestly felt as though he was nowhere near asking.  The week it happened I hadbeen working a lot and we had not seen each other that much.  I had decided to take Friday off work and he let me know he wanted to take me out to dinner. This of course, made me very happy.  I could not wait to spend a solid evening together!

We left the house for dinner and as we passed the Vanderbilt Mansion he slowed the car down. I was a bit confused and he looked at me and said “We are early for dinner. I thought we could walk around until it’s time for our reservation.” Since I’m always asking to stop at the mansion I was more than excited to enjoy some time together before dinner.

After he parked his car we walked around a bit and we finally sat down on a bench that overlooked the Hudson River.  We started chatting about how gorgeous it was outside (it had been raining for a solid week and this was the first nice day) and before I knew it he was down on one knee and I was freaking out! I heard him say “will you marry me?” and I started saying “oh my gosh, this is not happening!”  Finally he said “ummm honey, you haven’t answered yet” I of course said “yes” and then immediately started crying. We then called all of our family to share the good news. The only person who knew this was going to happen was my Dad so everyone was completely surprised!

The Wedding Date: We will be getting married on October 20th, 2012 at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie, NY.  I cannot wait!


P.S. The next morning after we got engaged we went and had a breakfast picnic on the bench where he asked. Best breakfast ever!