Brandy and Anthony

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How We Met

Anthony and I met in high school, but did not have any real contact with each other. Thanks to Facebook keeping tabs on everyone’s lives were both knew we were single and we had several mutual friends. At the time we started talking, Anthony was deployed in Afghanistan but we utilized Skype and Facebook and spent time together when he came home. We dated off and on a few times but the distance made things hard.

In May of 2011 Anthony came home for good and we made plans with each other to get together right away, and from that point forward we haven’t ever been apart.

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how they asked

So, two years in. Two kids, two dogs, and a house later. I have watched this man step into, and step up to so many roles in his life.

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I have watched him land a career job that he works diligently to succeed at in every possible way. He exceeds all expectations in his line of work. I have watched him step into fatherhood to our beautiful son. I have watched him step UP to fatherhood with our daughter and face the challenges that step parents encounter with dignity and grace. I have watched him evolve into his own person a man, a father, a lover, and a role model.

So many reason to want to snatch him up and be called his wife, am I right, ladies? I was getting so anxious to have that intimate connection between him and I, where he asks me to say yes to being his wife. We had talked about it regularly and he knew what I really hoped for. I dragged him into jewelry stores, started pinning my dream boards on pinterest, told him I would love another baby AFTER marriage, But I had no idea I would wake up to the best morning of my life, to date.

On August 7th, 2015 I woke up at 8am, my regularly scheduled wake up time to get the kids breakfast and get everyone ready for the day, and I sent a text to Anthony asking him to please run to the coffee shop and grab my usual. He didn’t respond to me so I gave it a minute and sent him another text asking him to grab the coffee. Still….no answer..Huffing and puffing, with my mismatched pajamas, my messy hair, my grouchy not a morning person attitude i stomped out the bedroom door only to see him…on one knee, wearing his suit completely dressed up from head to toe and holding that perfect white box with the ring of my dreams in it.

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I don’t know if he was as lost for words as I was in that very moment, but, “to the love of my life, will you marry me” was all he said…and that was all I had ever needed.

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Special Thanks

Kayla Means
 | engagement photographer