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How We Met

Alex and I lived half an hour away from each other growing up, and our paths had even crossed in our childhood- though we didn’t know it then. We went to different schools, but still participated in the same regional spelling bee as children. High school came around and we found ourselves working at the same local hardware store. After months of flirting, Alex and I decided to hang out after work one night. We didn’t know it then, but we would remember this night forever. It was an atypical first date, but it was so much more meaningful than dinner and a movie. We started out just driving around talking. This turned into us showing each other our hometowns and places that were important to us. We drove and talked and laughed and sang along to the radio for more than 5 hours, returning home in the wee hours of the morning. I parked my car in the field out behind my house – afraid what my parents would think of me getting in at such a late hour. I woke up to my dad knocking on the car window. I was worried what they would think of this boy who kept me out all night, but that didn’t stop us. We had a strong connection and now 5 years later we are happy and still going strong.

how they asked

Alex and I had never been on a cruise before, so we knew our upcoming 7 day Western Caribbean cruise would be memorable. It turned out to be more memorable than we could have even imagined. We cruised with Norwegian Cruise Line, and that alone was amazing. They think of every detail! We visited a private island with Mayan ruins in Roatán, Honduras. Lounged around on NCL’s private island in Belize the next day. Splashed through the most brilliant blue waters you could imagine in Costa Maya, Mexico. Climbed a lighthouse, toured *and tasted* our way through an authentic tequila plant in Cozumel. A monkey held my hand, we saw wild dolphins in the ocean, there were crystal clear waters & white sand beaches, we got sunburnt… and then sunburnt again, and Alex was even stung by a jellyfish. These are all fun stories to tell, but let me tell you my favorite. On Wednesday, May 17th after a beautiful day on the beach, we headed back on board the ship and relaxed in the spa. Alex told me that his step-dad Bill Gray had hit off a conversation with Tyler Gray, our cruise director, after it was discovered that the cruise director’s dad was named William Gray as well. This conversation *apparently* had triggered Tyler to offer our group a private tour of the ship. We were to meet him precisely at 7:05 for this tour. I thought this exact time was due to Tyler’s busy schedule. When he arrived, he also had another prominent member of his immediate staff, and the entertainment director of the cruise at his side. I was thinking- Wow! We sure are getting the VIP treatment! I was also thinking we were just going to be touring the bridge where the captains work. After navigating through a maze of crew areas, Tyler opens an outside door and there we were on the very front of the ship, right on the helicopter pad! This area is closed off, staff aren’t even allowed up there! We were in awe! It was so beautiful! Then, Alex turned to me, got down on one knee and PROPOSED at SUNSET on the ocean waters off the coast of Costa Maya! It was the most beautiful moment and we are so happy to announce our engagement! The captain even rang the ship’s bell as it happened! Now to start wedding planning!

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Special Thanks

Bill Gray
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Tyler Gray
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Chris Gray
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