Brandon and Nicole

how we met

Brandon and I had been going to school together since middle school, but only officially met the summer before our senior year of high school. At that point in my life I couldn’t be further from wanting a boyfriend or anything serious, because I was headed to Florida State University for college the following year. Brandon and I met while working at the same summer camp. Through mutual friends we began to start hanging out that summer. Flash forward to “homecoming” season our senior year. I was becoming slightly nervous that I wouldn’t have a date, but had heard through a mutual friend that he might be asking me to homecoming, but I didn’t quite believe it. One day I came into peer helping (a class we both had together) to flowers, my favorite candy, and a sign using Selena Gomez (my favorite) to ask me to homecoming. I awkwardly said yes (after some nervous laughter), but I still had no idea of what would become of us. While the time to prepare for homecoming became hectic and exciting, so did college football. 2010 was the year of Cam Newton, and I quickly realized that Brandon was maybe the biggest Auburn fan, EVER. With mutual friends we visited Auburn games, and cheered on his team (because I wasn’t quite sold on Auburn just yet). As my love for Auburn grew, and homecoming was coming up, we naturally started talking more. We would stay up late talking on Skype, and through those conversations I knew I was falling completely head over heels for him. After Homecoming- I knew I liked him. We all had a peer helping field trip, and I was sitting with Margaret telling her how much I liked him. Being young and in love, I convinced her to text him to see if he liked me. So we officially knew we liked each other- through texts sent via Margaret. Once we established that, Brandon asked me on our first date. We saw the Social Network, and it was every shade of awkward that you would expect. At the conclusion of our date- and calling all my best friends- I knew this was something real. The next week I get a text from my mom saying that Brandon was outside of my house with a teddy bear. I ran outside to see him holding a 4 ft teddy bear, my favorite candy, and flowers, and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

I always knew that wherever/however I asked Nicole to marry me, the question must be a complete surprise and memorable (in a good way of course). When Chicago and the Sears tower came to mind I couldn’t stop thinking of how perfect that would be. Flash forward to the morning of, when we get up at about 8:30AM after getting in town about 2:00AM that morning due to cancelled flights. Nicole knows I don’t wake up early or easily, but I was so excited/nervous that I was wide awake and ready for the skybox, and the rest of our lives together. Luckily that didn’t throw up a red flag and I faced the next obstacle of transporting the ring (in its oversized box) that would clearly show in my pocket.

My good friend John, who set the entire photography up as well, ended up carrying the ring in his backpack with absolutely nothing else in it (007 styles). I was perfectly calm up until being next in line for our time slot in the skybox. My heart started racing after I got the ring from John, and I stepped into the box with Nicole.

In the moment I got tunnel vision and could only focus on her, and her alone; luckily, I was able to get a few words and the question out to see the look of excitement that she couldn’t believe it was real. I knew after we embraced that it was not only a surprise, but a moment that the two of us will always remember.

Special Thanks

Beth Leung Photography