Brandon and Nicole

How We Met

Unknowingly, Brandon and I grew up in the same small town, went to the same high school, and lived four minutes away from each other for most of our lives. During my freshman year of college, I noticed Brandon hanging out with a mutual friend of ours. We knew of each other at this point, when our mutual friend invited us out to a lake to ride jet skis (talk about a first date, right). We spent the entire day getting to know one another, unintentionally ignoring our other friends, and slowly falling. Immediately, we knew something was different; we talked about everything under the sun, trusted each other with our deepest secrets, and shared thoughts on future plans. In all sincerity, as cliché, as it sounds, it WAS loved at first sight and I knew I didn’t want to spend another day without him.

That day, we realized that we wanted all the same things- especially a long-term, serious relationship. We endured long-distance and Brandon’s tiring 2.5 years of law school. We had every intention of making it through all the struggles that distance and law school threw at us, knowing that we wanted to reach our forever.

Upon graduation, Brandon moved back to our hometown, took The Bar Exam, started work at his dream firm, and proposed within one month of receiving his exam results!

how they asked

It had to be a surprise. I knew I couldn’t do dinner because that would be obvious. I knew I couldn’t do it on our anniversary, because that would give it away. I couldn’t do it at the beach, because that is where we started dating and she would have anticipated it. After considering all of this, I consulted both of our parents. After two hours of listing off ideas to her dad over a brownie sundae, I felt hopeless. But then, on Mother’s Day, Nicole and I took our mothers to Painting with a Twist. Shortly thereafter, it became apparent that this was the way it had to be done. Nicole is very family-oriented and by doing it this way, our immediate families could be a part of it. One day, I brought the idea up by saying that my Dad also wanted to experience Painting with a Twist.

Brandon's Proposal in Painting With A Twist in Trinity,Florida

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Painting With A Twist in Trinity,Florida

Nicole immediately took to the idea, so I got to work. I set up the date, picked out a painting that suited her interests (the beach/sunset theme), and arranged for the owner to help make it a surprise. I arranged for our two songs to be played over the speakers, I had her mom bring her to a nail salon, and arranged for a photographer to be there when I did it. The day before the big day, I went to the studio and painted on top of the beach-themed canvas that I had selected.

Proposal Ideas Painting With A Twist in Trinity,Florida

I wrote, “Nicole, will you marry me? Say yes!” When we got to the studio on the day of the proposal, it was hard to keep the secret. Everyone kept accidentally dropping hints but Nicole didn’t pick up on them; we had tricked her and she had no idea. Then, all the planning was put into play. The families posed for a group photo when suddenly our song played. I turned to her to reveal the painting from the night before: the proposal painting.

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Brandon and Nicole's Engagement in Painting With A Twist in Trinity,Florida

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