Brandon and Michelle

Brandon and Michelle's Engagement in Boston Public Garden

Where to Propose in Boston Public Garden

How They Asked

So here’s the story. She thought she was a model for our good friend Marvin Sandoval in the park on Saturday. Little did she know, I got her to get all dressed up for our engagement photos session oh and the proposal shot. Afterward, I had another surprise. About 20-25 of our friends at our apartment waiting to celebrate with us!

I knew a long time ago I was going to marry Michelle Murphy and I had to play it cool and hide some things from her. She knows that I don’t speak my feelings often but instead my actions speak louder. And now I think you know why.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Boston Public Garden

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate and to everyone and their kind words. We are thankful for every step we have taken and every person we have met. Like I’ve said before “we are made by the people we meet and the places we go” and our journey just began.

I love you, Michelle.

Special Thanks

Marvin Sandoval
 | Photographer