Brandon and Lindsay

How We Met

We had been living in the same apartment building for a few months and had no idea of each other’s existence. That was until the fateful day that Brandon walked into his apartment to find me screaming at a football game in his living room next to his roommates and one of my best friends who introduced me to them.

Brandon quickly went into his bedroom to change and came out wearing the same team jersey I had on! We spent the rest of that night playing games and watching football and exchanged numbers before I left for my apartment when the evening was over.

Within a day or two, we had already decided to hang out again and spent the evening talking about our passions, our dreams, and listening to each other’s favorite songs. I remember thinking then that if I could dream up a future, I would want it to be with someone who was as easy to hangout with as this guy was. From then on we were inseparable and I couldn’t help remembering that my first instinct about this guy was right!

how they asked

Over this past summer, Brandon had originally planned a trip to Charleston with his best friend David and his girlfriend Alexa to Charleston that ended up getting cancelled to my lack of ability to get off work. The next trip that was scheduled in September, I was told was an absolute must and that I needed to do anything and everything to get out of work.

At this point Brandon and I had been dating for almost four years and we had been talking about engagement for quite some time. He made sure to shut down any hopes I had at the beginning of this trip by labeling it a strictly birthday trip dedicated to him and some time off in the Hamptons where Alexa and her family lives. Together, Brandon and I make the drive up to Montauk, New York and spend some time exploring the area. He intentionally took me to “The World’s Edge” where there is a beautiful lighthouse and a peak of land overseeing the water so that I would take any ideas of proposal out of my mind. His idea definitely worked and I knew for sure that this trip was purely about him and his birthday.

That evening we went to a restaurant on the beach called Navy Beach that has covered cabanas on the shore where David’s girlfriend Alexa works. We arrived at the restaurant, grabbed some drinks and walked onto the beach. I didn’t think anything of the bouncer allowing us to go onto the private side of the beach that was roped off because I figured it was related to Alexa working there. David suggested that we take some pictures as the sun is beginning to set over the water.

Brandon and I pose on the water’s edge just as the sun is setting and he begins to whisper in my ear. My mind goes blank and I don’t hear a word he says as I am fighting back the possible notion that this is a proposal and the majority of myself that is bewildered by why he is speaking during pictures. He finally pushes away from me and gets down on one knee.

Now being with someone for basically four years means that there have been some false alarm proposals as jokes, so I was weary of this at first until my eye caught the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I quickly ran to him, put the ring on, jumped up and wrapped my legs around him as the entire restaurant exploded in applause. Just as Brandon puts me down, a waitress hands us two bottles of champagne and a congratulatory smile. We spent the rest of the evening calling family and floating on cloud nine.

Special Thanks

Lacy Matusek Photography