Brandon and LeAndra

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How We Met

Brandon and I met during the Fall of 2009 at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in Indianapolis, IN. We were both in the same Human Physiology class and were not doing too well in the class. On this particular day our professor was handing back one of our exams and in the midst of everyone flooding the front of the class to retrieve their exam Brandon came to me and asked “How did you do on the exam?” I replied by saying “not too well, how did you do?” He replied “not too well, so we should study together for the final exam” I responded by saying “okay!”. So we exchanged contact information and we set up a time to study together in the library on campus for our final exam.

how they asked

A few weeks prior to the day Brandon proposed, he told me we were both nominated by our faculty mentor in the department from which we graduated from to be in their Alumni magazine. He told me the faculty voted on certain alumni who graduated from our program and who had successful careers within the field to come back to campus to do an alumni interview. About a week later, I received an official letter from the Department of Physical Education & Tourism Management inviting me to come to campus for an interview for their alumni publication. The letter congratulated me on all of my academic and professional success, stated this publication would be used as a tool to recognize alumni, highlight career experiences and to encourage future students. This letter also disclosed three potential dates I could choose from that best fit my schedule, if I were interested. A few days after my response I received a follow up email from the department providing me with an itinerary for the scheduled interview date. This itinerary included when the interview was, where it would be held, who my interviewer would be, attire, a list of potential interview questions and the option of inviting up to four individuals who supported me during my time at IUPUI. These individuals were to be on campus by 3:30pm and be prepared for a group photo as well as providing a response to ” How would you describe LeAndra in one word?”

On the day of the proposal, Brandon picked me up from my house and drove us to campus. Once we got to campus we went into one of the buildings so I could use the bathroom and when I came out he told me there had been a change of plans and our mentor requested that we both go to the library to meet the interviewer/photographer. Once we got to the library we met our interviewer/photographer for the alumni publication and he said “Dr. Keith tells me you may be dating and you are both alumni?” and I replied “yes!” Then he proceeded to say they thought it would be cool to integrate our love story in with the alumni magazine so he wanted to get some shots of us in the library, the canal and any other places on campus that were an important part of our love story.

After the photographer/interviewer shot our pictures he set up for our interview outside the library. He set up a small, two seated table in front of the library and hooked both of us up the microphone. Once all of the interview equipment was set up the interviewer takes a deep breath and dives into the first question ” tell me about the time you first saw each other”. After we both answered the question he asked “what was your most memorable moment at IUPUI”. After we both answered the question he asked ” tell me about when you met each others family”. After we both answered, he asked me “How did he ask you to be his girlfriend”. After I responded he said “So Brandon, when we feature this power couple in our alumni magazine people are going to wonder why LeAndra doesn’t have a ring on her finger. If you were to propose to LeAndra, how would you do it?” Then Brandon responds by saying “well, I would probably have someone singing our song “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder. Then a man walks out of the library singing “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder. And Brandon proceeds to say “Then I would call the school telling them I want to make this move with LeAndra. And I would type up a fake letter inviting her to campus for an alumni interview, presenting her with three potential dates to choose from, knowing which date she would choose. And in that letter I would tell her to invite up to four of her closest family, knowing she would invite her mom, dad and sister.

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Then a few seconds later, my sister came up from behind me with a red rose and hugged me, followed by our closest friends, and family all giving me roses. Then Brandon walked up to me held my hands and said ” I chose the library because the library was the first time we both struggled and worked through our problems as a team. And I needed that in my life, and I want that in my life, for the rest of my life. ” Then he got the ring from his best friend, got down on one knee and said “LeAndra Roshell Brown, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and of course I said YES!

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