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How We Met

Our story is not your typical “love story”. Let’s just say it was not love-at-first-sight. There was interest with one of us but not the other and then that would flip-flop. So we decided friendship was the way to go. For over two years we grew together in our friendship, as Brandon became one of my closest allies. We had this bond that no one understood except for us. But while everyone said we should try the dating route again, we were both convinced that that was not for us. We were both praying individually that the Lord would bring that special someone into our lives. Little did we know, He already had. One morning at church during worship and wrestling with God, as I often did, on why that special someone had still not yet made an appearance, He answered. It was the clearest confirmation I had ever had in my life. Literally knocked the wind right out of me. On that day, my whole heart changed.

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My love for Brandon was being seen through a whole new lens. I decided to share with him my profound experience with the Lord a few days later. To my surprise, he did not feel the same way. I was devastated and confused on why I heard from the Lord the way that I had if he wasn’t going to have Brandon feel the same way. So we parted and prayed… and prayed some more. Over a month later, after a lot of soul-searching, prayer, and even tears, Brandon and I were finally both on the same page at the same time. We decided to give this whole dating thing one final shot and trust that this was truly the Lord’s path for our lives. I’m so incredibly thankful that we did because our journey since then has been nothing but amazing. Without the Lord’s major intervention in me directly, I don’t know where we would be today. We praise the Lord for being so faithful to us through our time of growing. It was a much needed season that has only made us stronger together. We are both excited about what the Lord has in store for us for the years to come! And I am so excited to confidently and proudly say that I get to spend the rest of my life growing old with this amazing man!

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how they asked

Brandon Proposed to me on a porch bench. This bench holds so many memories from the lows to the highest of highs. This bench is where it all began. This bench hangs at the house Brandon lived at for about two years until recently. We swung on this bench many times together before we even understood that our story was unfolding before our eyes. This bench is where we first discussed a real dating relationship.

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I was finally ready and anxious, he on the other hand.. was not. This is the bench we prayed on for answers and immediately got clarity. This is the bench we made it official and started our Relationship. Here we would have many talks about life. We’d stare at the stars and dream about a “what would it be like if…” future. During one of these talks is where Brandon said he loved me for the first time! And if that wasn’t enough, it only made sense for him to propose to me at this bench.

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He had a team of our closest friends decorate it with lights, candles, flowers and he even had our song playing in the background. It is such a special whirlwind of a moment that will forever be burned into my brain! After the proposal, Brandon and I went out for dinner just the two of us to soak in everything that had just happened.

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He was trying to waste time because he had set up an engagement party and was waiting for everyone to get there. I totally knew whatever going on but I went along with it anyway. He had our entire families and closet friends there to help celebrate with us. It could not have been any more perfect. That proposal was beautiful and so fitting for us. It was the completion of a full circle of Gods redemption and faithfulness in our lives.

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It was the beginning of the rest of our lives together and where we were able to make the biggest decision of our lives together, to date, at our most special place. I love and cherish this bench so much for all the big and little moments that have been shared with Brandon and I. I know that our story is still not done with “The Bench” and I am so excited to see what else is to come for us here. If only we could have this bench at our wedding! To my love, my Fiancé. What more can I say, you are my whole heart? Each and every day, you will forever be mine. You are the one I will always adore. Forever and always!

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