Brandon and Katie

How We Met

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. We dated when we were 18, and our relationship was completely crazy. It was maybe three months tops. I was actually in a relationship after him for five years, and I got engaged. I knew I made a mistake and I was unhappy, so I left this man and out of nowhere Brandon ended up back in my life. He lives in Colorado and I live in PA, he flew out to see me and the same day we got matching tattoos. It was insane. A month later I was on a plane to Colorado, and before you know it we were engaged. We have a crazy relationship. We travel, we climb together, we have driven back and forth across the US twice. We would go anywhere for each other. Love is wild and free, and I can honestly say that ending up together is nothing that I expected, but everything I ever wanted. The distance is hard, but nothing is more worth it than having that one person who constantly encourages you to do better, to be more, to take risks. We adventure together. We are going to travel the world together. And most importantly, we enjoy the small things.

how they asked

We were traveling in Wyoming to see the full solar eclipse. We drove ten hours from Boulder, CO to be in full totality. He took me down by the water to see the eclipse, and when it got fully dark he proposed to me. It was hilarious because several people were playing “total eclipse of the heart” by Cher- it fit the mood perfectly.