Jordan and Brandon

How We Met

June of 2011, at 15 years old, I met Brandon for the first time while on a church bus headed to Myrtle Beach for First Baptist Alpharetta’s annual Beach Week. I had just started going to this church so I was extremely nervous to go on this trip since I didn’t know anybody, so I forced my best friend Cassidy to go with me. We sat in the back of the bus and the only two boys on the entire bus sat beside us. One of them was Brandon. He was super quiet, wearing a red cutoff tank top and had a tan that I (a natural ginger) could only dream of.

He didn’t talk to me at all so I thought he was really weird until he actually spoke to me for the first time the next day. The current of the ocean was super strong and Cassidy and I were fighting it to get back to all the other church kids. Brandon and his friend Chad saw us two damsels in distress and decided to help drag us back to where everyone else was. He tried to grab my hand to pull me in but I grabbed Cassidy’s instead and let her hold his hand since I thought he was so weird. After we got back on shore, Brandon, Chad, Cassidy, and I decided to do everything together the rest of that day.

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After we talked for a while and got to know each other more, I realized he was not my type at all. But as a 15-year-old girl that thought she liked “tall, dark and handsome bad boys”, this 5’7 blonde boy was exactly who I needed in my life. 5 proms, 123 Packers games, 2,644 days, and one crazy puppy later, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!

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how they asked

September 1, 2018: Brandon and I were in Atlanta visiting my parents for the weekend. Because he and I knew we would eventually marry each other (we had been together since sophomore year of high school for heaven’s sake), we toured a wedding venue the day before since we were already in the area. So I didn’t think anything of it when my mom casually brought up the fact that she knew of a beautiful church that would make a great wedding venue.

The next day, September 1, Brandon, my parents, Jesse and Janis and I went to Dave & Buster’s and spent the afternoon playing games and laughing together. Later that day, my parents offered to take Brandon and me to a nice dinner. While on the way to dinner, my mom suggested we stop by the church she was talking about the day before.

Since Brandon and I had recently discussed getting engaged, I had a hunch he would ask sometime soon, but I knew Brandon wanted his parents and sister at the proposal as well. Brandon’s parents, Conway and Kris, would have to drive around 6 hours to get from their home in Charleston, SC to Atlanta, GA and it would take his sister, Brooke, around 8 hours to get from Liberty University in Virginia to Atlanta. Because of this, I thought there was no way Brandon would be proposing then since it was already Saturday and that would be such a long drive for his parents and sister to only stay a day or two.

Brandon, my parents, and I parked at the church and began walking around. He and I were walking towards the outdoor chapel next to the church while my parents followed closely behind. We looked at the chapel and the beautiful pond around it as I imagined having our wedding there. Brandon then led me to a gazebo that was in the middle of this big pond. I saw the gazebo had some papers strung up around it but I couldn’t see exactly what they were as I was trying to avoid all the goose poop on the pathway. :-)

As we got closer, I realized they were photos that were strung up decorating the gazebo. After thinking for a minute, I realized there was no way Brandon or my parents could’ve hung up these pictures because I was with them all day! So I just assumed they must have been for a wedding or another church event. After Brandon and I got to the gazebo, I realized they were all photos of us throughout our 7 years together. Brandon took me by the hands, and with tears in his eyes, promised to love and take care of me forever.

At that exact moment, Brooke popped out of a bush behind the gazebo with her camera and started snapping pictures of us while Conway and Kris watched from behind her. I started to bawl. Realizing what was about to happen and realizing that Brandon’s family made such a long and boring drive just so they could be there for that special moment. That meant the world to me. Brandon then got down on one knee, asked me to marry him and I said YES!