Heather and Brandon


how they asked

Brandon planned an AMAZING trip to Oregon with a few friends, tricking me into thinking we were just taking friends to explore a new destination that we loved. Little did I know the trip was planned for our engagement. Brandon and I visited Oregon two summers ago with his family and we both loved it so much.

During that trip we visited Multnomah Falls and ever since that day I have always wanted to go back. As we began planning our trip to Portland, I was convinced that we were just going on a fun vacation to escape the Arizona heat. As we explored Portland and went to an Oregon Ducks game I thought the trip was already so much fun.


On the last full day of our trip we had all planned to visit Multnomah Falls so that our friends could see why we loved it so much. Little did I know that Brandon had planned to take me to the water fall the entire time, they just made me think it was my idea! When we got to the falls, it was so cold and rainy! We spent time taking a few photos and showing our friends around as we made our way to the top viewing bridge.

The autumn colors made the waterfall even more beautiful that the first time we had visited and I was so excited that we were able to make the trip. As we were standing on the bridge in the ice cold rain, Brandon took my hands and I was in shock!


He began to talk about our first trip to Oregon, the memories we have made throughout our relationship, his love for me, the home we are purchasing, and the future we are building together and immediately I began crying.


Brandon got down on his knee and at that moment all I could think of was how blessed I am and how much I love the man asking me to marry him! Of course I said YES in between the tears and all I wanted to do was kiss him a million times!


All along Brandon planned out the most amazing trip so that he could propose and I cannot wait for our future marriage.