Elizabeth and Brandon

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How We Met

I have a friend who asked me to workout with him and his powerlifting team one weekend. I was just getting into the sport so I was pretty excited to get involved. Little did I know I’d meet my future husband that morning. I remember him walking in the door – my heart dropped. I was instantly attracted to him and pretty thankful I decided to go that day. A little later on in the morning someone finally introduced us “Brandon…meet Elizabeth…the other single person on the team!” Could it have been more obvious what everybody had in mind for us? The rest of the morning was filled with little stares here and there. I left with a friend and gushed about him the entire 45 minute drive home.

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A couple days later the same two friends that introduced us scheduled another gym meeting. After that night Brandon reached out to me on Facebook – we chatted for a bit, exchanged numbers and he asked me out that Friday…only 4 days later. From our first date on we were inseparable. He worked an afternoon shift almost every day – 1pm to midnight – which meant there were a lot of 40 minute late night drives to see each other regardless of how tired we both were. Everything felt so right from the beginning. We moved fast, but it was our own perfect pace and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

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how they asked

After dating for a couple of years and welcoming our son into the world we were pretty used to the question “When’s the wedding?” Little did I know the conversation would go a bit differently this night. We went to Arrington Vineyards to celebrate my birthday with our friends. After making our way through a couple glasses of wine the conversation turned to us getting married…I joked and said “We’re never doing this.” Before I could even finish my sentence he was on one knee said “Ever? What if we were doing this?” Completely surprised, I burst into tears and jumped into his arms.

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