Brandon and Brookelynn

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How We Met

It was the summer of 2012 & Brookelynn had just finished her junior year of High School. She was invited by her friend to go hot-tubbing at my house, though her and I had never met before, and (begrudgingly) Brookelynn agreed.

​Luckily she did, because that was the night I met my future wife. A few cheesy Facebook messages and number exchange later, we were talking all day, every day. I didn’t want a day to pass without seeing her. We were inseparable through a summer of adventures and eventually became “official” in late August, when I asked her to be my girlfriend atop a rock in Mt. Diablo.

​A year later Brookelynn graduated High School, and we knew our relationship would change a lot with long distance. Brookelynn was set to attend Washington State University and I was still at home, working on my dream of playing Division 1 football. It was a miracle when I got offered a position at the University of Idaho, which was only 8 miles from Brookelynn’s university.

​After 2 years of college together and 2 dreadful years of long distance apart, Brookelynn and I had been through countless highs and lows together. When Brookelynn graduated in May of 2017 and moved back to the Bay Area, I finally felt we were ready for the next step in our lives together.

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how they asked

During the week, Brandon has sent me a text saying that the following Saturday was “our day” so I shouldn’t make any plans. I didn’t think anything of it, because he’s just of a romantic like that! Saturday rolled around and we went to brunch in Sacramento at a cousin’s family restaurant. The table was dressed with flowers and the Mimosas were bottomless (which made me a very happy girl). After our meal we drove home and when we pulled up to my house, I got out first and told him I’d meet him upstairs. He seemed a little rushed (he even got out without shutting his car door!) but I just ignored it. When I got to my room, a gorgeous, long white dress was hanging in my window with a note that said “Hi Baby, put this on and I’ll pick you up in an hour.” OF COURSE I called my friends and freaked out whilst trying to decide what shoes to wear and how to do my hair. It was FINALLY HAPPENING! He blindfolded me and drove me to Discovery Bay, California, where my family hasa house on the water. Still blindfolded, he lead me down to end of the dock where we were surrounded by rose petals and candles. He took off my blindfold and got on one knee with the most STUNNING ring I could’ve imagined. My “yes” was met with a roar of cheers from the upper level of the home- I turned around to see all of our family and friends! My best friends had even flown in from Washington and LA. A photographer (A Tale Ahead Photography) was snapping pictures from the delta in a canoe. I WAS ENGAGED! There was so much to take in. I was in shock and couldn’t stop crying. I was so happy. Did I mention I was in shock? Okay.

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I bet you thought that was where the surprises end! I did too, but I was wrong. Brandon and I had been searching for a home in the San Francisco Bay Area for months with no luck. The day before, we had put an offer in on a home I was in love with. We didn’t think we’d hear back until Monday.

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After proposing, Brandon pulled out of his pocket a piece of paper and a house key. Our offer had been accepted and Brandon (and my sneaky realtor!) had kept it a secret from me. I immediately broke down. Once again- I WAS IN SHOCK, AND SERIOUSLY. SO. HAPPY! This day still gives me chills to think about. We popped champagne and celebrated all night, but truly the best part is that I get to marry my best friend in the entire world.

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