Brooke and Brandon

How We Met

We first met when our college had an accepted student’s day, and were put in the same group. He had ‘swore off of blondes’ he told his parents, ‘except that one’, pointing to me. I left that day, never really meeting him. A few months later, I get a call from an upstate number, asking if I was ready for college and all- I still had no idea who he was at this point. He had remembered my name off of my name tag and looked me up on Facebook a few months later. When we arrived at school, I finally got to meet him, and we became friends. I got to see what a sweet, genuine, Godly man he was, and stole my heart quickly. A few months later we began dating, and I brought him home for fall break. After just a few weeks of dating, I told my mother this was the guy I was going to marry- to which she thought I was crazy- but I just knew this was going to be a forever thing.

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how they asked

Brandon isn’t the most sneaky, or creative guy, but with some help from my childhood friends, he was able to pull off an engagement that was both!

I am very attentive and always ruin surprises, so he had one of my friends ‘needing’ to get her nails done and wanted me to go with, so of course I said yes. Before leaving the house, he had to make sure I was somewhat dressed nice- not in a t-shirt, wet hair, and leggings- which is a task in itself, because I wanted to know why I had to look nice to get my nails done and eat lunch. He told me that my friend’s fiancé (Trey) was planning a surprise for her (which is normal), and wanted me to come. So I reluctantly got dressed. After lunch with all of my friends, Trey said we were going on a scavenger hunt, and there were prizes for the winners at the end. We split the teams, and began the hunt. I never saw the other team, so I began to get worried that we were behind. All of the clues were around Conway, and at one point, I looked over to Sommer and told her how cute it would be to have a scavenger hunt as a proposal idea- to which she threw me off and I thought no more about it. As we got the last clue, we headed towards the river walk downtown where Trey met us and blindfolded us to take us to the ‘next spot’. As he lead us up, he stopped, took off my blindfold, and there Brandon was, waiting on me in the gazebo beautifully decorated.

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I felt like I couldn’t move or speak, so I just cried. I knew it was coming eventually, but I was completely surprised that today was the day. I looked up and was greeted with all of my friends and family, and his family too. It was such a sweet, thought-out, (and fun!) proposal!

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