Brandon and Bailey

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how we met

Brandon: I first met Bailey at a house party while we were both in college at the University of Minnesota in Rochester, I was a sophomore and Bailey a freshman. She immediately caught my eye and I needed an excuse to go talk to her. Bailey was wearing a pair of aviators that I also had so I had to accuse her of stealing my pair, but she didn’t seem too impressed with my pick up line! Unfortunately, that was towards the end of the school year and I didn’t have an opportunity to see or speak to her again until the beginning of the next semester. Her best friend was dating my best friend and roommate so I had another chance to meet her right before school started. Bailey ended up giving my roommate and I a ride home one night after hanging out with some friends and I was able to talk to her and get to know her a little better. Two days later my roommate and I were working at the MN state fair and the four of us all decided to hangout for the day and the rest is history!

We had dated a little over 3 years before I proposed to Bailey. Over the course of those 3 years, I knew I could always rely and count on Bailey to support and guide me whenever I needed it. It was once we started traveling together that I knew Bailey was the one. We have gone to Hawaii, and Florida twice together, both of which were at Disney resorts, along with Virginia and many camping trips. I grew up in a Disney family, but Bailey didn’t and I absolutely loved that she grew her passion for Disney vacations and traveling, getting excited as I do each time we went. After our first big trip together, I knew how much I loved traveling with her and I knew she was the one when I couldn’t wait to begin creating our own traditions together.

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Bailey: Brandon and I met through our mutual best friends at a house party in college. I remember not caring too much for him initially, he had quite the first impression by accusing me of stealing from him! After seeing him around more, and running into him the following fall, he definitely caught my attention! I remember walking with my best friend and asking her if she thought Brandon was cute (she was dating his best friend at the time). She was shocked that I even asked this, as it was completely out of character for me, and then I followed my question with the statement, “I’d kiss him.” That’s when she knew he was going to be different. I said since day one that something was different about Brandon, and he had me intrigued. Brandon was always someone that I could count on and I always loved being around him. His genuine and caring nature had me hooked. I knew Brandon was the one when I couldn’t explain exactly how I felt about him, it was just a very different feeling than anything I had ever experienced. Turns out, different was exactly what I was looking for!

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how they asked

Bailey: The day of the proposal will definitely be one I will always remember. He and I both work in the healthcare field and we were working a lot of hours, and opposite schedules leading up to the day. Since it was around Christmas time, and we both worked the holiday, we set up holiday festivities throughout December with family and friends. My best friend was in Colorado (she knew long before that this was coming), and she was secretly returning from her trip early to be there to celebrate with us. Brandon came up with an excuse to make me dress up for what I was told was a nicer dinner with his family, as he knows its rare that I am found in anything but sweatpants when I am not working. He even came up with a name of a restaurant near his mom’s house that required nicer attire so that I wouldn’t show up in sweats! Since I work overnights, he said we could leave later in the afternoon and I remember him waking me up at noon, much earlier than what he originally had told me. He seemed a little rushed or on edge and wanted me to get up and get ready, as plans had changed and reservations were made earlier for dinner. I was getting ready and doing my hair, and having the worst luck getting my hair to cooperate. I simply said, “Oh whatever, I will just throw it up in a bun, I give up!” and he jumped in reassuring me that it looked great down and to leave it. He continually told me how great I looked and then rushed me out the door.

It was a two hour drive to the cities, and he told me he wanted to stop and see the legacy brick his family had gotten at the new stadium, and I was being my normal self, singing in the car and relaxing and he seemed to be more quiet than usual. We pull up to the stadium, and I thought, if it’s going to happen today, it will happen here. So I got butterflies, and even made sure my hair looked good in the car mirror. We get out, find the brick, and he says, “okay, are you ready to go?”… I was thinking, okay it’s not happening today, let’s go eat! We get in the car and start driving away and he said he wanted to stop somewhere quickly and show me something. He pulled up to this beautiful park area (the stone arch bridge) and the views were just incredible. He said he wanted to take a quick walk. Hand in hand, we start walking along the bridge and we are both looking around, talking about how this reminded us of our first date, looking at the historical architecture, and taking it all in. I even mentioned that I was getting cold and wanted to go back, and was surprised that he didn’t offer his jacket (the ring was in his jacket pocket)!

He wanted to keep walking a little more, and I was looking at the Guthrie Theatre and he started to slow down his walking. I turn and look to see that we are coming up on rose petals, candles, and a long stem flower on the bridge. He got a huge smile on his face and went and grabbed the flower and handed it to me and pulled me out into the middle of the bridge. Holding both of my hands, he gave the most perfect and genuine speech to me, explaining how much I mean to him and then he got down on one knee as he pulled the ring out.

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Somewhere in the tears of joy and the laughing and taking as much of this moment in as I could, I managed to, of course, say YES! Brandon could not have done anything more perfectly; the day was incredible! He even had the perfect plan set up to celebrate with everyone after he proposed. He had planned a surprise engagement party following the proposal, where he had invited our friends and families to meet at a restaurant.

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I thought we were going to his mom’s house until he pulled off the highway and into a restaurant parking lot where I started seeing a lot of familiar vehicles. We walked in to a big surprise and lots of “Congratulations!” from all of our loved ones there to celebrate and ready to hear about all the details. He could not have done a better job planning the most perfect day and way to celebrate!

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